I got mail today,

email that is from Knock Off Decor.  My Pottery Barn Copy Cat Christmas Tablescape is going to be featured tonight(12/15) at 8 pm.  I love it over there, you can find perfect knock offs from PB, Ballard Designs, C & B, Pier 1,  the list goes on.  You name it, they’ve probably got a knock off for it.  Spread the word, great place for inspiration!

On a lighter note, last night I was pinning over at Pinterest.  This is what I found and it’s how Mr. reFresh feels too. I just wanted to share with you.

Sometimes I look around and forbid myself to go thrifting again, until I get some of these projects done  Then I see something like this and I realize it’s ok.

Or I get a crazy idea, like buying all the ugly owls that I can find,  just to spray paint white.


If you’re not pinning and you want to, let me know.  I’ll send you an invite.  I don’t want to be the only one with bags under my eyes or 10,000 project ideas pinned that I’ll never get to.

Both of these photos came from my Pinterest Bless his heart board by way of Handmade Ryan Gosling

I also pin other inspiration :)

Please visit these wonderful places:

You’re Talking too Much




  1. 1
    debbie says:

    Good for you! See my Copy cat party pays off in more ways than one! Congrats to you Debbie!

  2. 2
    Gina says:

    Congratulations on the Knoff Off Decor!

    If Ryan says it, then it HAS to be ok, right? :D

  3. 3

    I think you might pin a photo or two from our blog post today. It’s the old governor’s mansion (I think it should be called the governor’s old mansion) here in Kentucky, and it is decked out for the holidays for sure.

  4. 4
    Shannon Fox says:

    LOL… those crack me up! he he… thanks for a giggle. Keep on thrifting girlie ;) Shan

  5. 5
    Pamela says:

    How exciting Debbie! BTW just too too funny! need to show those to my hubby!;)

  6. 6

    Congratulations! How exciting. I am going to go over there and check out the website!

  7. 7
    Cheri says:

    I always get inspired when I read your posts! And this was really cute (and true)!
    *I have bags under my eyes too- and a million ideas swimming around in my head- screaming- let me out!!!
    Thanks Pinterest!


  8. 8
    Tiffany says:

    Laughing my ass off right now! I too look at owls and think I can spray everything!


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