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I got your number

You’ve got Mail part 2, not only did I order vinyl for my mailbox, but also for my front door.  I only had one problem, the previous container that held my springy flowers hung down too low on the door.  Thinking and searching, I knew I wanted to keep these flowers (the best daughter in the world gave them to me in another container, a couple of years ago).  I found the perfect size basket at Goodwill, for $4.99-it already had styrofoam and a fall arrangement in it.  I will recycle those fall florals this year, if I can remember where I put them.  Here’s how it came together:

I needed a shorter container...
so I went to Goodwill!
Store these until fall!

Take out the fall, insert the spring/summer:

All ready for my number!

I need this space...


Awww...glowingly sweet...(just a photo setting, actually)!!

Sweet Door Love!  All because of Back40Life!

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  1. I love the numbers and the door! Fantastic! I am a follower!

  2. looks great the spring flowers

  3. It looks beautiful! Love the flowers you picked out to use. And it fills up your door nicely.
    Thanks so much for linking up! Always nice to see a new face!

  4. Your entry is looking super cute…I should do something to mine too lol…perhaps I will after I dig myself out of the pile of staples I’m under! ;0) Have a great weekend and thats for stopping by!

  5. Debbie – Thanks for checking out my door!

  6. You really have some talent.. This is beautiful…

  7. I love rich stained doors – yours is fab! My faves are the gerber daisies!

  8. What a beautiful approach to your home!

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