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I need your Vote

Yep, I’m running for President!

I need your Vote

Winning pic-1

Ok not really President…

Ikea Billy Bookcase Hack

my bar table makeover really needs your vote in the HomeRight Ikea Billy Bookcase challenge.

Refresh Restyle-Bookcase-Challenge-Grid

As you can see the competition is strong and it’s my first ever contest and I was a little nervous and tried to really come up with something original…something that wasn’t a bookcase.

From bookcase to Bar Table

If you have a moment and love me as much  as I love you, you can vote here:

Vote for the Bar Table made from a bookcase.

See all the ideas here, they are awesome!


  1. We voted for you! Best of luck 🙂 The is a wonderfully creative idea!

  2. I voted! Your piece is great, my fav!

  3. Voted for your entry. Very creative!

  4. You got my vote! Awesome!

  5. Your bar table is perfect and I love the color! How ingenious! Hands down, I voted for YOU!

  6. I love how you turned your bookcase into a completely different piece of furniture!! Can we vote daily?

  7. Loving My Life - Kim Edwards

    I voted for your shelf! It was actually my favorite! Good Luck!

  8. You just got my vote! I wasn’t hard ’cause yours is by far the most original and the biggest change. Good luck!

  9. Voted for yours! It really was my favorite!

  10. your conversion to a bar is amazing! good luck

  11. Love how unique your design is, Debbie. Just voted! Good luck!

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