Imagine the Impossiblitlies

Have you heard about this?


Thistlewood Farm

I was reluctant to say that I’d join this party, you can guess which project I chose.

If you have a big project that you’re putting off, I’d suggest joining this party!  We got started this weekend and I’m not saying that we’ll be finished by *party* time.  But I am saying that we’re giving it a try!

There’s been sawing,


stumping and just a little

grumping 😉

We’re on our way to the making the impossibilities possible!

What about you??

Will I see you at the party on January 31, 2012??



  1. says

    Hi there Debbie. Thanks for dropping by my blog. It has been a long time since I stopped by here but looks like there is a lot going on! I could certainly use some motivation to get myself organized and actually completing projects instead of just dreaming them up! I will be back. And yes, I will be joining that challenge. Okay, early and have not had my coffee….but how do I follow you?

  2. says

    Oh my goodness! You picked a really big project…..but it looks like great progress has been made. Did you see the stump stool they made over at Rooster and Hen? I think your stump would be perfect for it!
    Can’t wait to see the “afters!”

  3. says

    Hi, Debbie, thanks for stopping by! Now that looks like an interesting project for the new year & for the big party ya’ll are having. Can’t wait to see what all is going on. I’ve got a bedroom/bathroom project starting at my parent’s house that is going to be fun. Happy New Year !

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