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Kid’s Table and Chairs {refreshed}

I’m always talking about dressers and chests, today I’m sharing a cute little kid’s table and chair set.

Table and Chair for kids

The sweet owner of this little set had just moved to town.

Mom and Dad had an idea to make over her favorite piece of furniture.

To make her feel a little more at home in this strange new place.

A special area just for her.

Table and Chair before and after

This is where she reads,

she colors and

she eats.

Table and Chairs

When you’re young and you move, it can be difficult.

Just ask my children. 

I think it was a great idea to create a special area just for her.

A place for her books, toys and her refreshed table and chairs.

Table and Chairs

The rug came first.

All the cheerful colors just say “fun”!

I can imagine all the good times around this little table.

The giggles and coloring in the lines.  The mac and cheese and popsicles.

table and chair before

Sure it was a sturdy little set before.


Table and Chairs

But now it’s all fun and games!

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  1. I LOVE it. My favorite color! I just know the young lady will love it too!

  2. I have been looking for a kids table and chairs…this is gorgeous! Love what you did!

  3. What a pretty blue! It really “makes” the little table and chairs set – nice job!!

  4. How perfect, I love the teal and dark stained top!
    I have always had a soft spot for kid sized furniture ( I hang vintage ones on the walls now because they are so pretty to look at )… I had a set when I was small and passed it on to our son. I hope he passes it on to his kids one day.

  5. Love it!!!!! Need one for my future grandkids!!!

  6. Little tiny tables and chairs are my absolute favorite things to makeover. I love the combo of sophisticated stained top and bright, fun paint.

  7. So fun! And I can see years of fun being had there!!!
    🙂 Linda

  8. I still have my girls little chairs – I can’t part with them! Love how you kept the top wood!

  9. The two tone is perfect! Bet she loves it!
    xo Heidi

  10. Love EVERYTHING about it all. The color of those chairs is so swoon worthy! It goes so beautifully with the rug. LOVE.

  11. AW, what a sweet thing. I’m so glad the little girl gets to make new memories on her refinished table set. I hope it does make the transition easier for her.

  12. How sweet! I LOVE the color. My favorite and I bet she is one happy little girl! Pinning!

  13. Unbelievable. You do such beautiful work Debbie!

  14. Oh Debbie! This is darling and a perfect idea for settling into a new home. I know too well how difficult that can be. Love the blue…what’s happened to me….blue has not been one of my favorites! I’ve changed! :0

  15. Fun and games, for sure, Debbie! I know how much this fun table will be enjoyed by a sweet girl and her friends … you did an amazing job, as usual!

  16. Oh I love this set Debbie. LOVE the color choice too! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  17. I love the color do you remember the color of paint it was?

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