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Succulents are all the rage and I love them in any container!

dino bookends with succulents #diyproject #succulents

Sometimes I think crafts are geared towards girls.

But I have two grandsons.

Today I’m sharing – Dino Succulent Bookends



Supply List

Plastic Dinosaur or animal of your choice

X-Acto Knife, Scissors whatever you need to make a planting area.

Spray Paint of your choice

2 Bricks or other heavy object that would support books

Moss Ribbon – one roll

Hot glue gun


Potting Soil


dino book ends with succulents



Remove a section of the toy, make sure there’s enough room for soil and your succulent.

Spray paint.

Wrap brick with moss, adhere with hot glue gun.

Add felt to the bottom of the brick (I used felt that had adhesive on the bottom).

Place potting soil in the planting area.

Plant succulent.

dino bookends 2


dino bookends with succulents

dino bookends 3

dino bookends with succulents

dino bookends with succulents

dino bookends with succulents

The boys are going to love these!

dino bookends with succulents


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  1. Oh Debbie these are adorable!

  2. These are GREAT! I can’t wait for L&L to get them. They will love them!

  3. Love, love, love your bookends.how easily are these maintained? I CANNOT believe you’re a grandmother. I’ve been recently attracted to succulents. I know I cannot disturb the stash of dinos I have in the storage, so I guess I’ll be shopping.

  4. I hope these never become extinct – they’re too cute!

  5. What fun! What boy doesn’t love dinosaurs? Great idea, Debbie!
    Xo Heidi

  6. I love this idea. Going to make these for my son. He’ll love it!

  7. Those are adorable Debbie!! I love succulents! How creative and so great for boys!

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