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Wooden Signs

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I never pass up an interesting piece of wood.

The message on a wooden sign can always be changed.

The Margaritaville sign is fun and colorful and perfect for the tiki bar.


I removed everything and sanded the anchor.


I painted, distressed and added rope.

You can find pieces like this at yard sales, Goodwill and just about any re-sale shop.


It’s more versatile now, not just for the tiki bar 🙂

After anchor

Which one is for you?


Here’s another wooden plaque that got a make-over:


I found this one and it looked like someone started a project and got distracted.

That never always happens to me too!

heart placque

Maybe it was for a special guy, the relationship went south and she never finished it.

flip flop sign

In the end it sent a message without hearts.

flip flop plaque

flip flop sign

Grab those wooden signs, no matter their message and refresh them!

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  1. These are great! I’ve been doing a lot of them too…waiting ’til after school is out to post.

  2. great refresh…ing’s!

  3. GReat idea, Debbie! Love the anchor makeover — xo Heidi

  4. Debbie, you do have an eye and talent for making awesome signs!!

  5. Beautiful! Love both of them 🙂

  6. I am quite positive you want my swimsuit to be mandatory!


  7. Always a great idea to reuse things. Thanks for showing us your tip Debbie!

  8. Love that anchor…totally “Beachin'”!

  9. Oh, as much as I do love Jimmy…the second one is my favorite! Love the distressed paint and the rope! Quite the upcycle Debbie! 😉 Bonnie

  10. Love these signs! Just noticed the fabric on the chair in the last photo. Love it! Do you remember where you got it?

  11. That anchor is rocking! I LOVE it! Fabulous re-dos! 🙂


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