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A Buffet Make over {Maison Blanche – St. Anne}

This makeover was so much fun.  The piece was in terrible condition.  It smelled bad and looked bad, but it is very sturdy.  The lines are perfect.  It’s one of those pieces that you are always looking for. No matter what’s wrong with it, you think you can bring it back to life.

St. Anne La Craie


This sad piece had been in my storage shed for a while.  

Jamie and I were talking about a check out counter, she said, I’d love to find an old buffet.  

A little bell went off in my head and reminded me that I might have just the piece 😉

before dirty brown buffet

I’m sure someone out there will say, why did you paint this?  or why didn’t your restore it?  But the answer is, we just loved it.  Broken and bruised, we thought it just needed some Maison Blanche paint!

La Craie St Anne

So she got scrubbed, scraped, wiped down and painted with 2 coats of St. Anne paint.

St Anne La Craie Chalk Paint

We fell in love the minute we opened the can!

Shelf added

We needed a little more surface area, so a shelf was added to the back.  The keyboard fits on here perfectly!

Mod Podge top

The top had some loose veneer.  So I tried every trick in the book to remove it.  Nothing worked, so I decided to use a technique that I saw my friend Rosemary  use.  I used Mod Podge and wrapping paper to fill the places where the veneer was damaged.  I think it makes the piece!

Front of the St Anne Makeover

I hope you get to see her in person, she’s a real showoff.  She just smiles from all the ooh’s and aah’s!

Check out


before and after

She just proves that with a little love, Maison Blanche Vintage Paint, & dark wax

Every girl can look good!

Time to check out

 What do you think of my Buffet Make over??


  1. Did you have to take all the veneer off the front before you painted it?

  2. Oh.My.Goodness! I have a buffet IDENTICAL to this one. Mine looks in much better shape than yours was to begin with BUT it’s not as sturdy as yours is. Mine has a bit of a rock back and forth in it so there’s something broken up underneath. It’s stored in an old bedroom (it’s our JUNK room and it’s piled high). Now I’m motivated to pull her out and see how to fix her and get her a new makeover! Maybe this summer. Awesome job on your makeover!!! Love that color!

  3. Oh’ Debbie, this piece is fabulous!! I love the green but the shelf was a brilliant idea! I’m so glad you shared it with us. The gift wrap was a great idea.

    Hugs…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

    P.S. I hope you don’t mind my asking but how did you get your “please leave a comment” phrase above. Did you type each letter a different color or was it a button you added. It’s adorable and honestly I would love one for my blog. 🙂

    i would love to feature it, if that would be ok please let me know,

  5. I love this – the color is beautiful, and I love the top! Excellent job 🙂

  6. A definite beauty indeed!! I love the idea of using it as a cash register table…

  7. Debbie,

    Great job on the buffet. I posted your post on my Klems Kollectables facebook page.


  8. Debbie, that green is fabulous….love it and the new look!

  9. Debbie, Debbie, Debbie … I sound like a broken record, but seriously, you are amazing! I absolutely love the fun color you chose to transform this piece. It looks incredible and is so thankful for your talent in turning it into a showpiece!

  10. This is absolutely beautiful!! What is the name of the color?? I have a antique hope chest, no veneer, but after being a couple of years in the storage shed, I am sure it will need redoing. I am living in the Pacific NW..lots of rain and mold 🙁 I am thinking that color would be gorgeous on it.

  11. I think it turned out absolutely beautiful!!! great idea on the veneer top

  12. Love it – I can’t believe the before state!!! You really turned this into a beautiful jewel!

  13. I think I’m in LOVE! I love her bruised and broken self and the top? Amazing!!
    xo heidi

  14. Great color! and what personality.
    People will be drawn to that piece. Fun!

  15. I love it.

    And are you guys on my way from NC to Atlanta? Because I so want to visit your store. I’m feeling the need for a road trip, if I can’t swing by there when I go to Haven.

    I love the Mod Podge technique. I used my iron, plus a lot of muscle, to remove some peeling veneer from a secretary, and it was such a chore. I’d love to try this technique.

  16. It is absolutely gorgeous…visiting the shop is on my Summer list!!!! I am so excited for you and Jamie!!!!

  17. I like the chipped veneer under the paint and he chippy top is so creative! You are a pro!

  18. So pretty! Makes me realize almost any piece of furniture with character is worth restoring and reloving.

  19. I think it is a great idea! It gives the piece character! I love it Debbie.

  20. Well. You know I’m in love but I guess I’m biased. If it ever gets stolen you’ll probably find it at my house! 😉

  21. Breathtaking! I just love it. I recently came across a vintage dressing table that has damaged veneer. I may just try a few of your tricks…they gave your piece such wonderful character!

  22. LOVE it!!! I am so excited for y’all!!

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