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China Hutch Make over {refreshing and light}

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I know you’ve heard this over and over from me 🙂

From boring brown to light and bright!  Here I go again…

How to paint a China Hutch

What can I say, I just like light, bright and refreshing.

As you can see she started out kind of ho-hum, but functional.


1. Remove: glass, shelves, hardware, etc.

2. Clean your piece with water and vinegar, let dry.

3. Choose your paint colors. I like to use chalk based paints, so there’s little to no prep work.

4. Paint the inside first, frame edge, drawer fronts and then the cabinet itself.  By the time you’ve finished with one coat, you can start over with the second coat.

5.  For this piece I applied a glaze, let that dry.

6. Add a top-coat to your piece.  I used a soft wax on this one.  You could use a water based poly, also.

How to paint a China Hutch - Maison Blanche Magnolia

After I painted and distressed, I decided to add a more interest.

How to paint a China Hutch - Cream glaze

I created a glaze that I called Vanilla, not much color, but just enough to tone her down.

How to paint a China Hutch - working on the top of the china hutch

This is before glaze and distressing, what a refreshing change!

How to paint a China Hutch - bottom of china hutch

I’ll just show you way too many pictures now, I love the way she turned out.

How to paint a China Hutch - lighter and brighter

How to paint a China Hutch - easy diy

How to paint a China Hutch - diy in a day

How do you like her now?


    33 thoughts on “China Hutch Make over {refreshing and light}”

    1. merci pour les explications mais serait il possible de les traduire en français svp si c est possible…joli travail et beau resultat…

    2. Do I *like* her? I LOVE her, Debbie! And, she looks fabulous parked right up against the dark wall … pops beautifully! Love the red “EAT” letters … she’s not going to be around long, I’m sure!

    3. Another beauty! I repainted a hutch similar to that one for a friend a few years ago (prior to blogging) – it was a lot of work! I like your vanilla glaze.

    4. I have a hutch (my grandmothers) very similar to this that I would love to paint. I am new to distressed and glaze. Do you have a tutorial or can you recommend one?

    5. I like how this turned out. Very pretty and the glaze did tone it down just right! How do you keep it clean though? I have two big dogs that would have it a mess in no time 🙁


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