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A Dock Story

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What was I thinking?

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We didn’t get finished, but we’re feeling much better about our neglected space.

Removed the splinter.

Wood screen doors replaced with vinyl.

Fallen tree stumps became side tables.

Removable, washable slip covers.

A roadside rescue table got a new home.

Cleaned the yard sale wicker.

Added stick blinds and Goodwill sheers.

Accessorized with old shells in an aluminum container,

galvanized metal, green plants,

and burlap.

We bought more lumber today,

I hope you’ll come back.

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    34 thoughts on “A Dock Story”

    1. Debbie, I’m so thrilled to see it being restored to beauty and more fun outdoors. We love our screened porch and try to spend a lot of time there. So glad you’ll have it for the spring …it appears! Thanks for the update. Helen

    2. It is hard to tell you how beautiful this is cause’ I’m drooling…WOW!…….I wanna dock, I wanna dock!!!! Okay I threw my little tantrum, so all is good…..You have created a lovely space, and I am now following you…and pinning you….and, well you get the idea. Lori

    3. I love your space. You got a lot done! I really like the way you went with color and accessories. Who cares of you didn’t finish…it’s all in the details!

    4. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i think “refreshed” is an understatement!!!! what a fabulous and GORGEOUS creations!!!!! absolutely outstanding!!!! so glad you accomplished your impossible and so glad you linked up to our party! sending you tons of hugs…a new follower : )

    5. I love that “roadside rescue” table…why do I never see things like that! Seriously, though, your dock area looks like it will become a much loved place to sit and while away summer evenings. I think you will need to treat yourself to a bottle of something chilled and bubbly when it’s finished. It looks great now, so it will be fab when you’re done!

    6. Now you already know that I am presidentof your fan club….but seriously…..you have outdone yourself! I love the colors and the fresh look! Can’t wait to see more! You truly have accomplished your “impossible.”
      Thanks for participating in our party!

    7. Casters on those tree stump tables was pure genius. I know how heavy those suckers can be! Your re-styled area looks wonderful. Everything you salvaged and saved certainly was good on the budget, too. It all looks wonderful! I have a deck that need MAJOR splinters removed. Can you say 4-5 inch peeled back ones?! LOL

    8. What a fantastic space. You’ve made it really welcoming and I love love love those tree stump tables – I’m going to have to pin this !
      Thanks for sharing – Fiona

    9. It looks amazing Debbie!! I wish I could come sit out there with you and enjoy that sunshine! 🙂 Love all of your details and that pop of turquoise is just perfect. Great job! 🙂

    10. What a lovely space. I want to sit out there with a nice glass of tea, read a good book and watch the day go by. I’m eager to see more.
      Visiting rom Mod Vintage Life

    11. Debbie, this is turning into a beautiful retreat! I love your side tables, they look perfect and the pillow is so pretty. I bet it is so peaceful and relaxing there by the water. I can’t wait to see what more you have planned.


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