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A Half Year in reView {reFreshing thrifty finds}

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It’s my anniversary, well my 6 month anniversary.  I’ve been selling my items at Two Women and A Warehouse ( here and here) since April.  

Thrifty Makeovers

I got all fancy and ordered hang tags.  

If you know me, you know that I love paper products.

I didn’t need these.  But I think they are  perfect.

Perfect until something else catches my eye.

Thrifty Makeovers

This photo was from the first day or so.  I am happy to say that 97% of this stuff sold.

The other 3% is buried in the garage, somewhere.

Thrifty Makeovers

I was a nervous wreck taking reFresh reStyle in to the world outside of blogging.

Thrifty Makeovers

The truck is mine now and I have filled it many times.  Like this day.

See Hometalk Thrifting day here.

Thrifty Makeovers

I’ve done my share of safe makeovers, like a white folding chair.

See details of the painted white chair here.

By safe I mean, paint it white.  They will buy it 🙂

Thrifty Makeovers

I’ve gone out on limb, and painted things bold.  

I painted this turquoise desk and you can see the makeover here

I got a little nervous when it took a few weeks to sell.  Call me impatient.

Thrifty Makeovers

It’s been fun, finding pink and frilly things and turning them into this.

This desk was pink and had mini tutus on the chairs, check her out right Here

I loved the stripes so much, I’ve done several versions…I’ll save that for another post 🙂

Thrifty Makeovers

Looking back I’m thankful.  Looking forward, I’m excited about the possibilities.

The Smile picture frame makeover is  Here

Thrifty Makeovers

I created this from a frame, chicken wire and Ce Ce Caldwell Chalk paint for details click (here).

Where are your dreams taking you?

    17 thoughts on “A Half Year in reView {reFreshing thrifty finds}”

    1. So happy to see you doing what you love. I have been “junking” and repurposing things for about 3 years now. I would love to take the leap you have. Any suggestion?

    2. Happy Anniversary Debbie!!! Isn’t this the best job ever? I love it and I am happy to hear that you do too. Looks like I went to the same thrift store that you shop at:)


    3. happy happy happy anniversary!!! I knew you would do great! I am so glad you did go out on a limb and start selling..the world is a prettier place because of it!

    4. I remember the day you posted that picture of your booth!! So exciting!! Your new look is also beautiful!! Fun and fresh!! Have a great evening!! ~ lori

    5. Debbie,
      Congrats on your 6 months. All your projects are wonderful, it’s no surprise that you’re doing great at selling to the public. That’s something that I’ve been pondering lately but haven’t made that scary leap. Maybe in 2013 it will come to pass.

    6. Happy Anniversary – I am new to blogging and that was a big leap for me – I can’t imagine putting my work out in a shop…but you are a very talented DIY’er and blogger – and your projects are always so wonderful…Congrats on putting your fears behind you and taking that leap…I will be following along here to see where life brings you next

    7. Happy anniversary. I am about four months in to my retail ventures. It’s a wild and scary ride, but fun too. I’m just wondering if I’ll ever get my garage back for parking. So happy for your success. I hope to go junking with you again.


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