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Five Goals for my blog this year

Be more consistent, efficient and grow ~ (Consistent) Post at least 3 times a week.  Photos ~  Sometimes my photos are too large, sometimes they look great, sometimes there’s too many.  I want to be better at taking them, and sharing them.  The efficient part, I’m still mulling on…how do I blog, socialize and be creative ~ in a timely manner?  I enjoy all the social outlets, right now Facebook is my number one, but I want to grow my readers through Pinterest and Twitter.

Challenge and Encourage ~ Decor doesn’t have to be new, perfect or expensive to be pleasing. In our disposable world I want you to look at what you already have, refresh it and fall back in love with it. Or take something inexpensive/free and make it your own.  I love sharing my practical ways.

Experience ~ I want to try new products/tools and  share them with my readers. 

Give back ~ I’m on the Habitat for Humanity board and I want to come up with a creative way to promote community involvement.

Have more fun and less fear ~ I want to show more of my “I love Lucy”, “Sanford and Son”,  “MacGyver” personality.  I’m only serious when I need to be.  I love having fun, trying new things and laughing about them when they don’t turn out as good as I’d like.

(fear example: When I bought the $2.99 banner for my Valentine’s Day mantel, I was afraid to post it.  I thought you might think it was silly.  Little did I know that you’d like it and even pin it ~over 400 times 🙂 

I want to ride off into the sunset with a smile on my face every day 🙂 and I want you to enjoy visiting my blog!

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    31 thoughts on “Blog Goals”

    1. Love your goals, Debbie — you don’t mess around, Lucy!! Be real and have fun working toward your goals — so glad I found you through our “tribe” and look forward to following along! Now, let’s ride into the sunset smiling together. 🙂

    2. I want to ride off into the sunset every night with a smile (and a glass of wine) too! So funny about the Valentine’s Day mantel. I find, that it’s the posts I really question that people seem to respond too. I guess it’s because the real us comes out when we’re posting about those things that may be unique to us…and people connect.

      And seriously, can there ever really be too many pictures?!? Maybe if I didn’t think that I could be more efficient…hmmmm

      So glad that we’ve found each other in this great blog world!
      Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

    3. What great, achievable goals, Debbie! I honestly have only one goal right now… get back on my bloggy horse and RIDE! I’ve be off my game for several weeks, and I miss you gals so much! I’ll be in touch this week, I hope. Kim

    4. Great goals, I like the efficient one as well, sometimes I feel like I am on the computer for 5 hours just getting “blogging business” done, not even blogging.. Ok well maybe there are a few pinterest hours in there too. 😉

    5. I enjoyed visiting your blog and reading your goals today! But how on earth did I miss that banner? After all, I have been penned the Rock Star of Pinterest by Karianne at Thistlewood. I could also be more fearless. That is a wonderful goal.

    6. So if you are in to Sanford and Son please visit my back porch in the winter. I never quite get everything put away after I rush it onto the back porch during the first snow of the season! I’m going to put you on my Linky Followers so you can refresh my day.

    7. I feel the same way about posting pics. For example yesterday I posted some scary pics of my kitchen….thought it was a bad idea and then I said who cares. I am with you let’s post photos! And where did you get a 2.99 banner????

    8. Ooo … efficient. I need to add that to my list. Sometimes (okay, all the time) I feel like I’m all over the place …

      … you could even say I’m a bit of a flitter …

      … and I definitely need to take on the Give Back goal. Thanks for the reminder (and the kick in the you-know-what). Perhaps its something the “tribe” can tackle together …




    9. Loved Your Goals All Great Ones and Ones I Know You’ll do well, But just the word Goals Threatens Me So For Me IT Would Have to be Wish List . And I’m with you It’s hard to Stay Creative and have Fun when You Also Have to do the Back end too. I’m in For Some Fun

    10. I happen to love reading your posts here and on Facebook, I find that I am constantly inspired and uplifted by you, my friend! I love the “giving back” goal. Your heart is so big, and I know you will and have inspired so many! Thanks for sharing your goals with us, I have many of the same for my blog, with the addition of finding more balance in life. I want to involve my kids so much more, after all, they are the reason I am so creative! Xoxoxo!

    11. Excellent, doable goals. I so enjoy your blog and I think you are doing a great job. Your fun-loving personality comes right out of every post. You are fresh and honest. Can’t ask for much more than that!

    12. Those look like pretty good goals for me. Blogging takes you to so many unfamiliar territories that the learning curve can be a little daunting. You’ve set a reasonable number of achievable improvement areas, while keeping the fun in there.

    13. Your goals seem realistic and very attainable. I think we all have basically the same goals for our blogs and I wish you good luck! I’m finally getting the nerve to move to WordPress.

      Your Valentines mantle was gorgeous! Aren’t you glad you posted it!

    14. Debbie,
      You have some wonderful goals for your blog…I enjoy seeing all your neat things on facebook.


    15. Good goals. Now I want to see you fix something with chewing gum. MacGyver would. Wait, maybe he always used it on explosives? Don’t do that.


    16. Hi Debbie,
      What a great list of goals, when you write them down they really start to have a life of their own.
      I know you will do well with your list and have it all checked off and done!
      Great Sunset picture…just so beautiful!
      All the Best,

    17. Debbie, I think your goals are spot on! They are similar to the ones rolls over in my head. Ha! I’m looking forward to reading more of your terrific ideas!

    18. Having fun is what it is all about and with what you have already accomplished through your blog I have no doubts you will reach each of your goals and many more..
      and that is one gorgeous sunset is it Georgia or Alabama ? ..hugs, Cherry

    19. You’ve got a meaningful set of goals, Debbie. I think you will have no problem reaching them!

      The “have fun and less fear” goal is one that I think alot of us need to accomplish. I always panic just before posting something I’m unsure of. As far as the fun part goes, I always look to Debbiedoos as being the girl who is really herself, knows how to have fun and takes us along with her. She’s an inspiration.

      I also want to quickly say about picture size…I wonder about this all the time! My computer screen is large, so I always post large pictures. I often wonder if they are over-the-top large on a small screen.

    20. Good luck with your goals! I quit making goals for my blog, because like New Year’s resolutions, I always broke them. The one thing I have done this year since I’ve refocused on my blog is to be consistent with the size of my pictures – I edit them to the same size (at least the width), so that they will always fit in my column; that helps me feel better about the look/feel of my blog.

      I would love to grow my readership, but I fear that my subject matter is too limited, and whenever I try to step outside my comfort zone, it’s not for long!


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