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Mason Jars

Free ones, yes that right!

If you make spaghetti the homemade way that I do 🙂

You can buy the Classico sauce, get a free mason jar~and a home cooked meal.

And when you bring those grocery store flowers home, you’ve got a sweet little countryfied place to put them.

I was talking to a friend last night, she’s a florist and she said, how can you work with flowers and not be happy.

You know what, they make me happy too!

I can buy happiness and it only cost me $5.

Now I know that you can’t buy happiness, but at least you can put a smile on someones face.

I hope these are making you smile!

If you have a great recipe for spaghetti sauce, I may or may not want it 😉

p.s. Classico did not sponsor this post, but if they want to, they can 🙂

p.s.s. I hope you’ll be joining us for the Spring’tacular Linky Party


There are two great parties going on today:
Repurpose, Remodel,Reveal at The Rooster and The Hen


What do you want your blog to be when it grows up?

I know I have ever changing hopes for my blog, but I decided to write some down and

put them in to motion. What about you?


  1. Debbie, I’m a huge fan of grocery store flowers….as long as they are fresh and lovely, I love them!
    I’m loving the jar they are in. I have a “mean” sauce recipe, too. I love flowers in pitchers, too.
    Thanks for the fun post, Helen

  2. This post and the flowers both made me happy! Thank you!

  3. I love using mason jars for flowers and I do make a mean sauce!

  4. Love all your fresh flowers my friend.

  5. So lovely! I’ve got spring fever so bad, and those just scream “spring” to me!

  6. i generally make everything from scratch….but, spaghetti sauce is NOT one of them. i LOVE LOVE LOVE using paul newman’s sockarooni spaghetti sauce, it is hard to beat. i get a couple of sweet italian sausage links, squeeze the meat out of the casings in a pan with a little onion brown, drain fat and add sauce. mmmmm.. the sauce come in.nice jars too. a two for one deal!

  7. Always thinking you are! Fresh flowers are so pretty~What a great way to enjoy them!!

  8. So how exactly did you get the free jar? I don’t have a sauce recipe unless you want to check out the label of a Ragu jar! Have a super weekend…Ann

  9. This is so clever, Debbie! I love your sweet arrangement, too! Have a great weekend!

    Take care,


  10. Love mason jars with flowers. So simple yet so pretty.

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