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I have a confession to make.

I love drink dispensers.

This one is not my fault…how could I not get this.  It’s so cute and it looks a lot like one from Pottery Barn a few years back.  I got it at Wal-Mart.

I had to have it and this too:

They were sitting beside each other, and there one no way I could leave without both.

Am I the only one?

Could you resist?

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    22 thoughts on “Metal Containers”

    1. I would have taken them home with me too. In fact, I’m gong to have to see what I can do about aht on my next Walmart trip. 😉

      Sharon @ mrs. hines class

    2. Pier One has the most fantastic clear glass drink dispenser, but I HAVE been resisting it. The price isn’t even bad at all, but since I’m decluttering this year and it’s kind of large, I’m not sure I want to store it. But I do love it! Have a great week.

    3. Thanks for turning me on to these. Ran out and picked up two buckets today and one of the caddies for a graduation party in May. The buckets will be perfect for lemonade and water. Started to buy the turquoise and red ones, too, but didn’t. I may when I go back for my script tomorrow, they were pretty, too. Then I could have the white ones for tea and lemonade, the turquoise could be for water, the red for wine. Guess I better get out there early tomorrow before they are all gone, only a couple left. Thanks again.

    4. I know I could find a use for these cuties ! Bet a lot of women will be picking these up at Walmart when they see these ! They just seem to scream take me home ! Have a good day !

    5. Those are super cute! I can see those morphing from one holiday/event to the next. Perfect choice in white. I can only imagine how cute you are goign to style that little cubby/basket piece!

    6. Funny you should ask. I don’t think I WILL be able to resist. I love both pieces — but the divided tote is “calling my name” for garden tools!!! Can you tell me what department you found these in at Walmart? I just looked on-line, and couldn’t find them. Thanks!!! Have a great day. ~Sally

    7. Love the plug in at the top of your post. I’m SOOOO ready to go to WP. I’m still waiting on my blog designer. I love your Walmart finds. :o) Makes me want to head over there and do a little shopping! And no…I definitely could not have resisted.

    8. I would pick these up in a heartbeat! I’m all about the basic white pieces for partys because it’s a perfect color to use for any occasion. Just think of all the ways to decorate that beverage dispenser!


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