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I have seen some cool chalkboards.

I want mine to be cool too,

so I printed myself a little cheat sheet:

I tried to reproduce the different fonts, as good as I could ๐Ÿ™‚

It turned out much better than my normal handwriting!

The bunnies like it.

Do you have any secrets for writing on your chalkboard?

Share them with me, please.

Writing on a Chalkboard - Ideas to create your owln

If you don’t have a chalkboard,

I recommend one.

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    40 thoughts on “Chalkboard”

    1. I don’t have a chalkboard but I want one REALLY bad. I love your frame. I am pinning this and hopefully will have time this summer to whip one up!

    2. Debbie, your chalkboard writing looks more real than the writing you copied. Love it. I think it is difficult to write on one. I think they are a fun way to show excitement over an occasion that is up coming. Like the “Dream Trip” a couple of years ago.

    3. LOVE your chalkboard! You did a great job with all the fonts! I’ve got a few chalkboards around the house. I like to use colored chalk when posting a picture or message. My favorite one I have is by my front door…It’s great for leaving and getting messages!

    4. You know, I don’t have a chalkboard yet although I’m seeing lots of them lately. I really should make one soon. Yours looks great and love all the fonts that you did.

    5. I have one in my diningroom and love it…sometimes I use stencils and different size chalk (sidewalk chalk)
      The chalk pens are really hard to erase…but the colors are great. Target has a glitter chalk in the kid’s art section…It makes me smile when I walk by ๐Ÿ™‚

    6. Love your fancy chalkboard. Mine is sloppy and doesn’t carry cute messages. Just lots of reminders glaring down at me in the kitchen … and whenever I use the powder room. You know like “Pay Bills” and take so and so to the ortho … and call the tax man!



    7. Now that is really cute! I think you accomplished your goal — very COOL! I’m a new follower – so glad I visited from Savvy Southern Style ๐Ÿ™‚

      {my simple messterpiece}

    8. Using diffferent fonts makes your handwriting so much more interesting. I love how this looks on your wall. I have my dad’s onld blackboard that I used as a child that’s the easel type. I like putting it out for parties with the menu posted or a greeting.

    9. Debbie,
      My secret was being raised in a strict Irish Catholic family…get it perfect or do it over! :/ { I don’t recommend this method!] I have a huge chalk board in our dining room. On holidays I let the little ones write out the messages and/or menu. I adore your Easter decor and table. So much attention to detail and festive. How can anyone enter that room and not smile?!
      Happy Spring, my friend.

    10. I love this Debbie. I have no secrets…well yes I do, I have used stencils LOL. This is so cute. Hey I am starting to feel at home now, getting use to it, and starting to resurface a bit out there.

    11. You are absolutely right! I love the chalkboard in our kitchen. It counts down days to vacations, etc. and reminds us of important things, but my very favorite font is the one my kids use when they write on the board. My daughter has a great 13 year old modern slant to her printing and it just makes me smile when I see it. And you did a great job, your board and table are wonderful!

    12. Your writing looks great! I have a hard time getting the size of the writing correct. For some reason I can’t transfer from my paper to that large of a piece and it gets all wonky by the time I get to the right side.

    13. Love your fonts and how you wrote on your board. I have one in my kitchen and my girls have always done all the writing and drawing on it as they were growing up. They no longer live at home, but when my youngest comes home for Spring break she will have to update it to say Happy Spring. Right now it still says Happy New year with an illustration she drew.

    14. This is just too CUTE!!! The only tip that I would like to share is…don’t use the chalk pins…I had one and every chalkboard that I used it on had to be re-painted:(


    15. LOVE it, friend! You did a fabulous job with the fonts … perfect saying for this time of year, too! And, YES, you know I love me some chalkboards. ๐Ÿ™‚

    16. How smart! I took a picture of a Chalkboard with my iPhone at a restaurant one day, so I could try to replicate the handwriting! I love the way yours looks…so perfect!

      Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

    17. Have you ever tried the chalkboard markers?! They are pretty good & a little bit easier to write with! I will tell you though, they are a little harder to wipe off as well! I usually have to use a magic clean eraser to get the chalkboard clean after I use them!

      Anyway…..your chalkboard looks fabulous & I think you did a great job writing on it!! I definitely LOVE the saying you used!!

    18. i’m a little addicted to chalkboards as well….i use them a lot and have them interjected here and there in many of my displays. I have a big one that have a post going up about (probably going up tomorrow) No tips from me other than play with it…then erase….play some more…erase…..erase…erase until you get something you like. And then play some more! xo


    19. I love your handwriting…I still have a hard time not looking like a child wrote it…:) The chalkboard and the whole setting is wonderful.
      Hugs to you,

    20. Would you believe I don’t have a chalkboard? I don’t know why either, because I have the paint. I just never made one. I guess I better add that project to the list! Your chalkboard looks great & you did an excellent job reproducing the different fonts.


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