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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Hello friends, welcome back to this month’s Decor Enthusiasts Christmas edition. We’re doing a walk down Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas memory lane.  Murphy, my sweet girl will be your tour guide 😉Murphy loving the blue and silver Christmas tree

Christmas Flocked Tree with golds and silvers

This snow covered beauty was my all time favorite Christmas tree. It’s a 7 1/2′ flocked tree from Walmart. I actually bought it one year during the big sale after Christmas. It sat in the box for a year and when I took it out, I was pleasantly surprised. It only lasted one year at my house, now it spends Christmas at Justin and Jessica’s. They give it a lot of holiday love and it looks beautiful at their place.

Christmas Tree with plaid, silver and gold see more at refreshrestyle.com

Most of the ornaments were from Sam’s club and dollar tree. Guys, those big boxes of ornaments from Sam’s are awesome!! Then head over to Dollar Tree and pick up some cuties. Click to see more budget Christmas decorating ideas.

Christmas Tree in a Ice Cream Churn

For a long time we used real Christmas trees, I’ve been thinking about going back to them. For this particular Christmas, I used a small tree in the kitchen. Can you believe it fit in this old ice cream churn. If I remember correctly, I used a bucket filled with sand and water to keep it upright.

Christmas Tree view from the sink

For the ice cream churn tree, I used a lot of blue shiny brights (found them at TJ Maxx) you can see more about the tree here: tree in an ice cream churn.

Christmas Tree

This is what happens when you find the perfect tree and it’s a little short! I thought it looked great at the store and when I got it home, it looked so small. End table to the rescue. Luckily the tree stand fit on the table. I just wrapped it all up with my white leopard throw.

Christmas Tree

I think I started a trend, because a few years later, I put another tree on a table. You can see why this was such a great idea, the gifts fit perfectly around the base!

Merry Turquoise Aqua Christmas Tree from Balsam Hill

And last year when everyone was doing red plaid, here’s what I did. Yep, my tree was singing the blues. I have so much blue in my house, it just seemed fitting.

Christmas Mantel with hand painted birch trees

It’s the one tree that my husband noticed, after all these years together (32) he said, that’s a beautiful tree! It was fun and I loved every ornament! See the: turquoise/aqua tree.


Way back when, we had place at Lake Martin and this little tree was dressed in mostly woodland ornaments. We sold our place and all the decor, including this tree. Hopefully, the new family is still enjoying it!



Thanks so much for joining us today! We hope you’re inspired and picked up a few Christmas tree decorating ideas 😉

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  1. Your trees are all beautiful, Debbie! You really know how to make them beautiful. I think my favorite is that Walmart tree…I’m keeping my eye on them at my store, hoping to snag one after Christmas!

  2. Murphy is such a precious tour guide. Loved looking at and hearing the stories behind your trees. I love that aqua one, too!

  3. All of your trees (and decor) is perfect!! Just beautiful Debbie! xo

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