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Craft Supply Organizing

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Hey friends, it’s time for an update!! Getting organized is exhausting and wonderful at the same time. We had a warm day so I tackled this area in our garage. After looking at this before photo, I am feeling a little accomplished.

Be sure to join in the fun, just take a photo of your before and a photo of your after. Click here: Creative Space Organizing Challenge and read all the details! 

Ps. there will be prizes!

storage shelves in the garage before

Mentally, this space has been draining. Even though I don’t see it every day, I know it’s there. In our previous house, I had a huge office in the basement, it was nice to have a place for everything. With the cottage makeover and construction around here  for the last year, this garage has practically been left untouched.

After a few hours today, I filled a few boxes for donating and trashed a lot! My goal was to organize supplies so that I can quickly locate craft supplies when I’m crafting. I even have an empty wire basket to gather supplies to bring inside when needed. One basket contains only watercolor supplies, no I am not a water color artist, but I want to be.

Large craft supply cabinet

I can even see the floor now!! I hope you’ve taken photos of your before spaces, honestly, I didn’t realize how bad it looked until I saw these photos. I wear rose colored glasses 😉

garage supply room before

I bought these large burlap storage bags at Target a couple of years ago. They are sturdy and hold a lot.

Burlap storage containers

For paint and smaller craft items, I filled this storage piece and I need to finish labeling the chalkboard drawer fronts. I do know where my glue gun is!

Craft supply dresser

One drawer is full of Miss Mustard Seed milk paint. I am feeling more productive already!

Craft supply cabinet

This is an oversized garage. With lots of storage. On this side, I’d love to finish and insulate the walls. Basically, create a room in the garage. There’s a bathroom on this side and the way the garage was designed it would be easy to do. At least that’s the way I describe it to my husband. He knows trouble is brewing when I say, it will be easy, all we have to do is…

I’ll keep you posted on that!

Creative Space Organizing

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    25 thoughts on “Craft Supply Organizing”

    1. Thanks for the information, I Love Wayfair and I just used your link and purchased it, going to be perfect to House my art supplies. Just love it!

    2. Good luck to all that participate … I just have too much on my plate with husband in in-home-hospice and my 81 yr ole mother … I do try and get started then have to quit Good luck everyone

    3. LOL< it will be easy, all we have to do…..cracked me up! Great job and functional. Love that new cabinet with the chalkboard fronts. I'm considering that system for my basement, which won't begin for a month or more. Grins!

    4. Hi Debbie,
      Excellent job on your garage space.
      Thoughtfully, methodically and with gentleness towards myself, I am making progress in my craft room. This is huge for me. Depression has immobilized me for years and found it very overwhelming to make decisions, so I’d avoid them. My life/family make up has changed and I’m slowly but steadily moving into the land of living, thinking and creativity once again, thank you God!
      My reveal will definitely be ready soon! I’m so excited and looking forward to sharing the “after” photo!
      Thank you for this life enhancing challenge!

    5. I’m trying to,get things back into the room I’m using for my craft supplier as I just finished a remodel. I got the shelving and storage pieces in but I need about ten times more room! Before I had lots of boxes filled with stuff and just stacked up. Now I’m trying to sort and display things so I can see what I have. I’m finding all kinds of things I forgot I had! I don’t think I’m able to post any pictures here as I don’t see the icon for that.

    6. I’m so envious of your storage options Debbie! You should see my project for tomorrow. It’s not pretty. lol But it is useful.

      The basement is coming along, I already did a small project down there.
      Good luck finishing up, I can’t wait to see the reveal.


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