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Outdoor Kitchen Build

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Today our Decorating Enthusiasts Home Decor team is sharing outdoor projects, some DIY’s, some decor ideas basically anything outside. I’m sharing our Outdoor Kitchen Build.

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When we bought the Alabama Farmhouse, we had three big things that we wanted to do after we moved in. One of those was to build an outdoor kitchen on an existing patio.  Most projects like this are custom to the size of your space but I hope you are inspired to create a space outside like we did!

Here’s what it looks like now:

Dining area on the Farmhouse porch at Refresh Restyle

Outdoor Kitchen and Entertaining Space at Refresh Restyle

Here’s what it looked like when we bought the house:

Back porch and patio

We didn’t understand why someone would pour such a large concrete patio but we’re glad they did!

Outdoor Kitchen Build Process:

  1. We found an awesome contractor – she had her framer determine whether or not a roof over the patio could be tied in to the roof on our house. It could!!
  2. Discussed what we wanted the to patio to look like, our dream, vision for the plan. We wanted to see stained beams underneath, but we wanted it to coordinate with the house.
  3. The team got started and before we knew it, it was time for us to take over.
  4. Once the roof was on, we built the outdoor kitchen.
  5. Decide what appliances we wanted to include: Grill, Burner, Refrigerator, Big Green Egg, Sink, small hot water heater (We have hot water at the sink!)
  6. We wanted a space to serve food on, so we reserved the back counter area under the television for serving.
  7. We ordered our appliances online, we got measurements for each appliance and drew the plan out with chalk on the floor. We changed this several times until we got it like we wanted.
  8. Make a material list: 2×4 lumber, 2×6 lumber, T1 111 plywood, hot water heater, lights, fans, nails, tile, backer board, plywood, 1×4 lumber and plenty of blood, sweat and tears. (There was blood and maybe a tear – I let go of a piece of plywood while we were moving it from one place to another and it dropped and skidded down Barry’s shin, not a good thing! I bandaged him up with the only thing I had – maxi-pad and painter’s tape – and we continued to work.) Later that day I did go get real bandages and antibacterial ointment. He does have a nice little scare there and it makes for a good story now that he forgave me 😉

The Roof:

Posts up just the beginning of a roof over the patio at Refresh Restyle
6 x 6 posts for the roof.

Rafters going up for the roof at Refresh Restyle patio into porch refresh

Outdoor entertaining area in process working on the roof at Refresh Restyle

T111 stained and used to look like shiplap on the porch at Refresh Restyle
We stained the T1 11 that you see on the ceiling before it was put in place.
Painted masonite waiting for the finishing touches at Refresh Restyle porch
The 6 x 6 posts were wrapped with cement board to match the existing ones on the porch. Everything was painted SW White. It looks like the porch was always there. Murphy concurs.

The Kitchen:

Building the base cabinets for the outdoor kitchen at Refresh Restyle
The outdoor kitchen layout with some of the base in place.
TV wall for the farmhouse porch at Refresh Restyle
TV wall

Putting the flooring in before we built the walls for outdoor kitchen

cabinet in front of the tv wall for outdoor kitchen at Refresh Restyle

View from the side of the outdoor kitchen spot for the big green egg at Refresh Restyle

None of this went seamlessly, we used screws and the Kreg Jig to make the cabinet frames. Things got moved a couple of times after we realized we messed up 😉

Base done ready to wrap with t1 11

Tile planning for the outdoor kitchen
Dry fit the tile, there were so many intersections, I wanted to make sure the fit looked good from every angle. It took me 4 days to tile and grout.
Painted Red Guard on my countertops before tiling at Refresh Restyle
I used a product called Red Guard to help protect against water. We also used house wrap (the white plastic you see) on the exterior. 

Put all the appliances in and measure for trim at Refresh Restyle

We put all the appliances in place and measured for trim. We decided to use pressure treated 1×4 lumber for the trim. I have used wood and tile for trim outside before and the wood held up better.

Painted T1 11 added to the back of the cabinets on the outdoor kitchen at Refresh Restyle

I primed everything and then caulked before I painted.

Stained wall for the tv still need to add trim and the rest of the appliances at Refresh Restyle outdoor kitchen

The space under the cabinet is used to hold TV components.

Marazzi Trevi 12 x 12 porcelain tile used on outdoor kitchen countertop at Refresh Restyle

The tile is from Home Depot: Marazzi Trevi 12 x 12 porcelain tile (used on outdoor kitchen countertop). I also used an epoxy grout, be sure to work in small areas if you use it. It’s great for areas that tend to get dirty.

Kensgrove 72 in. LED IndoorOutdoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan on the porch at Refresh Restyle

We have two large fans, they are from Home Depot also: Kensgrove 72 in. LED IndoorOutdoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

All of the appliances came from BBQGuys.com

Here are a few photos from different times since everything was finished:

TV surround sound on the farmhouse porch at Refresh Restyle

Porch perfect for every meal at Refresh Restyle

Back porch outdoor kitchen at Refresh Restyle

The other end of the farmhouse porch at Refresh Restyle

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    1. Looks amazing…Do you think that ceiling fan would work on a 12×12 screene in porch? Yours looks just like mine but 2x bigger… so since you have 2 fans I think I can get away with 1.


    2. Well done. Can you provide an approximate cost? Obviously it won’t include the slab but it will be something to help me budget.

    3. What a fabulous space for entertaining and hosting family events! I want one now! Great tips in your posts, maybe we can put them to use. This post will be a Feature at the new Merry Monday party.

    4. Outstanding! You have a natural talent which I’m sure you’ve added to with classes, books, etc. You do a great job on everything you touch. Thanks for helping me to realize that I can go farther in my attempts on redecorating, remodeling, and just keeping the house spruced up. Thanks for all you share, Debbie.

    5. This is awesome! i love what you have done with this. That cement slab needed a roof! It is all so perfect. I hope you get many hours of enjoyment out of it.

    6. I cannot put down enough wows on this comment. First off what a score to have the concrete already there. I am in love with fans… and everything… but its Alabama… how long till you screen it all in? Lol… Enjoy!

    7. I love this area, what a dream. Such a wonderful place to entertain and just enjoy all the time. I need this to go with my pool.


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