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Alabama Farmhouse Refresh: We were living in Georgia minding our own business, just like we had been for the past 12 years and then it happened, the opportunity to move back to our home state of Alabama. The idea of living near a lot of our family made this move exciting. The ball started rolling, house hunting trips began and all that goes with them.

Alabama Farmhouse at Refresh Restyle

We had driven by this house 4 times, at some point I noticed a small sign: For Sale By Owner. The fourth time I looked at it, Rhonda (our realtor) said are you interested in that one?? She whips in to the drive way and calls the number on the sign, they’re not home. She made an appointment to come over and take photos for us, we headed back to Georgia.

Rhonda sent her assistant over to take photos and they emailed them to us. I was so excited when I saw the email come through. Oh my goodness, this could be the one! My mind raced with ways to talk Barry in to it. It was old and the exterior was mostly wood. That’s just not his thing, I didn’t know if it was my thing or not? I opened the email, looked at the photos and said, nope, this is not for us. It’s not an open floor plan, I don’t think we can live there. I emailed Rhonda back and said, we don’t want to look at it. It’s not us, not open and very little natural light. She emailed me back and said that she’d already made the appointment and that we should take a courtesy look and that she had more listings that we would probably like.

These are the photos that I received that day.

Before photos:

Entry Before

Photos of the entry.

Living room wall in to the kitchen before removed

Living room.

Living Room Before

Master bedroom.

Master Bedroom Before

Before Master Bath

Kitchen Before

Bedroom 2.Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4

Bedroom 4

Two 2 Car Garages

Two 2 - Car Garages

Shop Area in garage 1.

Garage Shop Area

Garage 2

Garage before

Storage above garage 2.

Storage above garage

Kitchen area in garage 2.

Before garage kitchen

Patio and back porch.

Back porch and patio

We loved the house!  Needless to say, we bought it. We have a vision for what it will look like once all the items are checked off the list.

The: plans for our Alabama farmhouse refresh:

  1. Remove 3 interior walls.
  2. Paint the whole house inside.
  3. Add a roof over the existing patio. Outdoor complete!
  4. Build an outdoor kitchen.
  5. Remodel garage 2 to create a farmhouse cottage, including new roof. See the:  cottage kitchen, cottage living room, painting the cottage kitchen cabinets
  6. Finish unpacking! (I may need to move this up!)
  7. New counter tops. 
  8. Paint kitchen cabinets. See the before and after main house kitchen.
  9. Live happily ever after 😉
  10. I’m sure there’s more!

Photos of in process wall removal:

X marks the spot for wall removal.

Living room, the walls removed: wall to dine in kitchen area and dining room wall.

Living room, wall to kitchen and formal dining walls are being removed Alabama farmhouse

Kitchen wall - removing to make a more open space at the Alabama Farmhouse

Enlarged the opening from the entry to the dining room.

Entry after walls removed before finished and painted at Alabama farmhouse

Eat in kitchen area and the wall to the left is coming out

3 walls removed from the Alabama farmhouse, entry wall, kitchen wall, dining room wall

The house was built in the ’80’s and there is a step down to the living room. The floors in the whole house are wide plank pine except for the laundry/pantry area, those are tiled.

Current view of the entry. You can see that the newly painted white interior really made a difference. The whole house is so much lighter and brighter. The paint color is Dove White, colored matched with Sherwin Williams paint.

Loving the aqua and turquoise convex mirror in the entry

I am so glad we looked at the house. We were pleasantly surprised, the original photos did not do it justice. Now that we’ve made a few changes, it’s starting to feel like home. We look at each other every now and then and can’t believe we live in this awesome house!

Back porch roof is going up this week:

Back porch progress

Watch the video to see the back porch progress:

    50 thoughts on “Alabama Farmhouse”

    1. I am so happy you changed your mind, and went with the house! Pictures you showed received by email I could see many possibilities inside, and out. Changes you have made have transformed beautifully! I can feel that this home with your changes. Great job, and enjoy this treasure!


    2. Debbie, the house looks so beautiful and has so much character! I can’t wait to see final before and after pictures!!! Good luck with renovations! Have a great and productive weekend! 🙂

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    4. Debbie, What a find!! I’m very happy for you both. I love the entryway in aqua and turquoise. It will be fun to see it all when you’re done with the remodeling and decorating.

    5. I enjoy reading your blog from Texas. You always inspire me, and this new home is no exception. It is a wonderful home and your special touches will make it stunning. Enjoy!

    6. Debbie first welcome back to Alabama. What part of Alabama is your new home in? I love the new things that you are doing to it and can’t wait to see it when you get through. I love the land around it also. Congratulations.

    7. Debbie,
      . Your new home is going through a transition just like Barry and you. Soon those boxes will be gone alone with the construction crew. You will be left with the beauty you see in this charming home. The darling cape cod cottage will be graced as it shares it’s journey through l8fe while you create it as your home.
      Blessings to you and your family in your new home.
      Karen Marie

    8. Oh wow, congratulations!!!!! This house is going to be totally amazing with your touch. I can’t wait to see it all come together.

    9. I am so excited for you and Barry! What a great home you’ve found and I know that you are already loving the changes that you’ve made. I look forward to following along with all of your projects.

    10. You’ve done more in this time than I have done in 6 years since we moved in here! It looks great so far. You’ve proven that with just some walls knocked down, a house can be transformed. Send your wall-knocker-downers up to Maryland. I think my home could use this!

    11. Oh my gosh Debbie!!!! The house is awesome! I love, love, love everything about it (the new stuff you’re doing) It was really dark!

      The front is gorgeous, the outbuildings? oh my gosh! So much room for so many projects! I’m so happy you’re home, near your family and your sweet mama! 🙂

      I’m so excited to follow along. I can’t wait for more pictures!!!


    12. Debbie, the original pics look awesome to me. This house is amazing and with the plans you have for it, I know you are giddy as all git out! I’ll be following along. Congratulations!

    13. Love it. A lot of it looks like cosmetic. Just beautiful. Totally farmhouse.
      Good luck and can’t wait to see all your decorating.

    14. Congrats Debbie! It’s an absolute charmer. I would have bought it no doubt. You have the vision and the dream and when all is said and done I do believe this will be your favorite home ever.

    15. Debbie, I love it!! The exterior had me and event the before pics are beautiful to me. Love that you took out walls, that will make a huge difference and I’m so glad you got this house. Gahhh!!! I love, love it, it would be such a dream home for me. I love Cape Cod cottage style homes. Can’t wait to see it all come together. It’s beautiful already!

    16. Wow Debbie, what an exciting project. The house has great bones, and you will make it fabulous!!! Can’t wait to watch this transformation.


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