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Creme de Menthe Makeover

Maison Blanche had me at Creme de Menthe.

I knew I was going to love it!

La Craie makeover

I searched for  the perfect chest to makeover.  Ok, you’re right, they are all perfect for a makeover!

But I found one that was begging  for a change.

Before chest

The color was off, the wood dry, the drawers loose.

painted hardware

I feel certain the hardware was handmade.  I used this treatment to save it.

I love being able to re-use hardware and this was perfect.

drawer to basket

One of the drawers required too much repair, so I went with these.

I just measured and added a shelf board, to support the baskets.

left side view

I made little chalkboard tags for the baskets.

right side

This is one of those makeovers that I wanted to keep.

I guess I fall in love easy, because that happens to me a lot 😉

close up on drawer

There’s just something about a two tone makeover, a good mix of wood and paint.

La Craie Maison Blanche

True love for me, what about you?

Maison Blanche Info here.


  1. Where are the baskets from?

  2. I like it and the fact you saved yet another piece of fine furniture!!!

  3. Oh Debbie…I love it…I love when you can save the wood and deepening it was just what it needed…:)
    Love that color. Its fabulous….I love what Shari said up above me…My kids would call it mint choc chip ice cream too..:)

  4. You know I’m a two-toner as well 😉

    This is beautiful. The color combination reminds me of chocolate chip ice cream and THAT is the highest compliment possible. LOL. Have a great evening!

  5. But, of COURSE, Debbie! There you go again … creating a masterpiece! I love the color and the genius idea of adding the baskets! Such vision!

  6. I was wondering what you used to get that dark wood color – did you completely strip the drawers or just go over top with something?

  7. Debbie, it looks terrific, but I have one tiny question to ask…OK, here goes. Did you make a wall hanging or something else out of the piece on top with the shell on it? I can see it hanging many places.


  8. I think this is perfect! Thank you for including the link to the handle treatment. I need that for a piece I have. Don’t you think you could find a corner for this some place? ha!

  9. Love the Creme de Menthe paint color!! I’d like to see the entire dresser done in that! The basket additions at the bottom are a nice addition.

  10. Two tone? Absolutely! Fabulous, Debbie ~ xo Heidi

  11. love! love! great colors!

  12. Beautiful and pinned.


  13. I am getting ready to do a dresser with stained drawers and a painted case! Great minds think alike!

  14. Debbie….
    That dresser looks amazing. The drawer swapped for baskets is a perfect accent.

  15. Nice job Debbie. Always love to see Creme de Menthe ideas.

    Beth–MBPC Colorado

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