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DIY Go Jump In The Lake Sign

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I created this DIY Go Jump In The Lake Sign – from a piece of lumber that I purchased at the Habitat Restore.

Have you shopped at one? They are wonderful and usually have all kinds of building materials, light fixtures, sinks, you name it and you might find it there!

Easy to make sign

It’s time for our Thrift Store Decor team to share ideas and this is what I came up with! You could really make any sign, I just happened to have the paper letters that spell lake.

Here’s what it looked like before:

Board from Habitat Restore

I have a confession and I’ve confessed this before. I look for real wood, even boards when I’m out thrift shopping. You can always use a good board! I could have made a shelf but I decided to make a sign. Signs are easy and this was really easy!

Diy steps and supplies

Supplies needed to make this sign:

  1. Common board (scrap piece)
  2. Spray Paint – I used two colors – whatever matches your decor.
  3. Craft Paint 0r any paint that you have on hand for the stripes
  4. Pressed paper letters
  5. Stencil or Transfer for lettering
  6. Chalkology Paste or craft Paint
  7. Hot Glue Gun


  • Spray paint the board.
  • Spray paint the letters.
  • Add stripes to the board with craft paint after the spray paint has dried.
  • Use transfer and chalk paste to add the letters for the words: go jump in the
  • Attach press board letters to the board with hot glue
  • Attach hanger to the back
  • add stripes to board
  • random stripes on board
  • spray paint paper letters
  • Lake Sign DIY

Here’s your sign, I mean go jump in a lake ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lake sign easy to make

Now I just need a place to hang it!

Make this Lake Sign

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