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Guest Room Refresh

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Is your guest room a hot mess like mine? I keep saying that we just moved in, ha! We’ve been here for 18 months, it was past time to decorate my guest room. Today, I’m sharing affordable ideas for a guest room refresh.

Farmhouse guest room decor, affordable, light and bright!

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We moved in and just tossed the necessities in! We’ve been working all over the house, it’s time to tackle the guest room.

This is what it looked like before:

Minimal and blah.

Guest room makeover

This room was driving me crazy. I had the bed against the wall where the door is located. The room is so small and there’s a window on the other wall, I had thought about rearranging everything to the window wall but just had not gotten around to it. A Facebook live, prompted me to take the plunge and get it done!

Guest room before

Now when I walk in the door, this is how the guest room looks!

Refreshed guest room

Steps for Guest Room Makeover (I included links at the bottom of the post to all the Better Homes & Gardens items used.)

  1. Remove everything from the room.
  2. Re-Arrange furniture – optional
  3. Add a rug.
  4. Change out the bedding.
  5. Rework the wall art and add Mama’s quilt.
  6. Add new Lamps (The other lamps were too large.)
  • I removed all the decor that I was not adding back to the room. I used this opportunity to clean and dust. Moving the bed was easy, I just pushed it around.
  • The bed is not that heavy and there are pads on the bottom of the legs.
  • I recommend getting help when placing the rug (I did it myself, not doing that again!)
  • The bedding really helped to freshen up the space, while I loved the gray quilt, it just wasn’t right.
  • I shopped the house and closet for the artwork. I knew that I wanted the quilt that my Mama made for me to have center stage. With this style bed, it was so easy to drape the quilt on the headboard.
  • The lamps I chose are perfect for the bedside, they also have a USB port, iPhones or other devices can be charged while my guests sleep.

As you know, I’m a country girl, always have been so my whole house is decorated in cozy farmhouse style. I do love adding color here and there and turquoise, aqua, any shade of blue is my favorite. I also don’t mind mixing lighter shades. There are varying shades of white in the room from pure white to off white. The collected over time look is my favorite.

Cottage farmhouse guest room

Lamp base USB

Mix old and new to refresh bedroom

I kept the decor clean and simple. The dresser was a past project and I love it in here with the mix of blues. The luggage rack was a thrift store find that got a makeover, it’s waiting patiently to hold luggage 🙂

Cozy rug for guest room

Here’s a closer look of the rug, it is beautiful. I love the color, texture and softness. Guest pampering, that’s my goal!

Texture of rug for guest room

The storage ottoman from the living room makes a great place to sit and put your shoes on. The lightweight pompom throw it perfect for snuggling under for an afternoon nap.

Ottoman and lightweight throw

Ruffled Farmhouse quilt

Just a few changes, adding new items and moving the furniture created a fresh look. The lighter bedding and colorful accessories make the room more inviting, keeping the decor to a minimum leaves breathing room.

Light and Bright Guest Room

Better Homes & Gardens Items Used, just click on the name:

Better Homes & Gardens Polyester Textured Area Rug 

Better Homes & Gardens Hello Heart Crewelwork Decorative Throw Pillow

Better Homes & Gardens Solid Ruffle Stripe Quilt

Better Homes & Gardens Glass and Rope Large Lantern Pillar Candle Holder

Better Homes & Gardens Bronze USB Lamp

Better Homes & Gardens Knit Pom-Pom Throw Blanket 

Better Homes & Gardens Colette Tufted Ottoman

Neutral Bedroom decor

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    7 thoughts on “Guest Room Refresh”

    1. Just me, but thinking the quilt (love it!) is competing with the wall art. How does the quilt look hanging over the foot railing? Big fan of homemade quilts! Also love the bedspread and lush rug!

    2. The light shades of blue made the room so comfortable and you indeed made it fresh. I would love to spend time and redecorate our guest room as well. Thank you for the step by step guide!

    3. Beautiful! Working on a guestroom now and needed the inspiration. Not clear about the rug. Is it Better Homes and Garden? Can’t seem to find it.


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