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Dollar Tree Christmas Art

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Dollar Tree Christmas Art. I know it’s hard to believe, don’t you just love these prints!

The red truck is my favorite. I would love to have a truck like that.

But this post isn’t about the truck, it’s about Dollar Tree Christmas Art.

$2 each…
Dollar Tree art for the Christmas bedroom decor

I have been busier than one of Santa’s elves. I have so many fun projects to share with you over the next few weeks. All Christmas related!Dollar Tree art for the Christmas bedroom decor

Ok, which one is your favorite? They look awesome don’t they. I debated about taking the matting out. I tried it with and without and I actually liked it with the matting. Totally a personal preference and you could go either way. Dollar Tree Christmas art with or without matting!

Here’s what you need:

  • 3 Frames
  • 3 Christmas Gift bags

Frames for Dollar Tree Christmas art

  • I removed the glass from the frame and placed it on top of the bag. I knew the whole thing wouldn’t fit in the frame, so I used the glass to measure what I wanted visible.
  • Cut bag to fit.Dollar Tree art for the Christmas bedroom decor

Simple as that and then I hung them in my guest room.Dollar Tree art for the Christmas bedroom decor

Now what do you think?? I love my new Dollar Store Christmas art. It’s the way to go when you’re doing seasonal decorating on a budget!
Awesome Dollar Store Christmas art for $2 each

See the Christmas tree tour, I hope you’ll join us on Tuesday!

    46 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Christmas Art”

    1. Cute Idea. I have done this before with other bags too like Halloween. I have even used the reusable bags for this. Another idea is get 5×7 frames or 8×10 with a big matt and frame beautiful greeting cards. Cards are 2 for 1.00 at Dollar tree.

    2. I love this idea. I wish my Dollar Tree sold bags like this. They had the frames, but their gift bags weren’t even close to the ones you used.

    3. Love these prints! What a brilliant idea. You have inspired me to look closely at gift bags for all seasons!
      Thank you and keep on sharing your creativity!

    4. I would think all dollar tree stores would have the same items. I have been in the one in my town and the clerks say these bags have not been in their store. Wish I could find them. My fav is the truck.

    5. Hello and Merry Christmas.I’m also participating in the party.I was pleasantly surprised Twice.I love Your project and was glad to see they were gift bags,So fun ,pretty and easy.Second,I was happily surprised to see We had VERY similar taste in Our bedroom decor. for Christmas.I have the same blanket.If You visit My post right before the Dollar post ,You’ll see what I’m talking about-Blessings Denise

    6. Clever, Clever, Clever!!!This is one of those posts that I when I see it I ask myself, “How did they think of that?” Well done you Creative thing, you!


    7. Absolutely brilliant. A creative and affordable project. I love them all but I am really into the red trucks this holiday season. Thank you for the inspiration. Great gift idea.

    8. OMG I can’t believe I did the exact same thing and posted it on my blog today! (different bags, though). Wish I had seen your bags, I would have used them instead! lol Love how you used the multi-pic frame. Awesome!
      Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

        • Me too, Debbie….love strolling the aisles at the Dollar Tree. Oh, my, oh me, there are a million decorating ideas going through my head as I look at all the wonderful, and cheap ways to decorate for any holiday. Love all your ideas, keep them coming!!

    9. Love them all! What a great idea!! At first glance I thought that was our vintage truck!
      Gotta have that pillow, could you tell me where I could buy one just like it?


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