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Drying Hydrangeas

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How to Dry Hydrangeas

The harvest…

I don’t know what happened this year,

but the hydrangeas under my dogwood tree are amazing.

They are this beautiful green color.

It’s been so hot and dry, I was worried they may not look good.

But I was wrong.

They look good now and they look good dry.

Earlier this year I found an easy way to dry them.

Viv from “the the V spot blog” posted her method.  I used it and it works!

  1. You pick your flowers,
  2. remove the leaves,
  3. put in water.
  4. Keep watering the flowers
  5.  they slowly dry,
  6. preserving their beauty.

Here are some I dried earlier, they are from another plant…they’re more blue.

This was my test using the drying method:

It worked!

The dried hydrangeas kept their color too!

Now I can enjoy them for a while!

How do you dry your hydrangeas!?

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    20 thoughts on “Drying Hydrangeas”

    1. My hydrangea were bigger and better than ever! Must have been the torrential rains we experience in the spring. I am drying some now in a vase filled with a little bit of water – plus I have some hanging upside down on the curtain rod in my family room – will make CLE winter a little easier to bear!

    2. They look absolutely gorgeous Debbie! I’m totally going to try that method with the few hydrangeas I have left this season. Thanks so much for sharing this at Inspiration Friday…you know how much we love having you there!

    3. My hydrangeas didn’t have many blooms this year. Not sure why…I had a few huge green blooms that I dried the way you explained. It worked like a charm. I guess a few blooms are better than none at all!

    4. This was perfect timing, I just cut some yesterday and want to cut more today….I just did a post on my hydrangeas check it out if you have time to see my pretties

    5. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the drying method. I only have one bloom though, but will keep it in the water till it dries.

    6. The flowers are beautiful! I would love to have some of these at our house I guess I am going to have to wait till next year to plant some. Also I never knew about drying the flowers so thanks for the tip.

    7. Oh my gosh your hydrangeas are just gorgeous. I am so glad you shared how to dry them. I am unable to grow them (Don’t have the soil for them) but I can pick some up at the grocery. Now I can dry them myself. I can’t get over how vibrant they look dryed. Thanks for sharing!!!


    8. I have tried this over and over and it never works for me. They all just dry up wrinkled and not very pretty. I’m bummed because yours look so pretty. I have followed the directions perfectly…

    9. Yay! I’m so glad the drying method worked for you! The results are gorgeous! I love how you’ve displayed them! xoxo

    10. GORGEOUS!! I have wanted dried Hydrangeas in my house lately. I have a perfect spot for some. But I have no Hydrangeas in my yard! Yes, that’s the other thing I want. They are so pretty, in any color. Someone, who has a front yard covered in Hydrangeas and is proud of them, told me you can alter the colors that your Hydrangeas bloom, by changing the acidity of the soil they are in. Have you tried that? Sounds like an exciting experiment to me!


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