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Farmhouse Wall Treatment – Weathered White Wood

Today our Decor Enthusiast Bloggers are sharing ideas for creating the farmhouse look for your home. You will find the links to their awesome posts at the bottom.

Farmhouse Decor Ideas at Refresh Restyle

I’m sharing a farmhouse wall treatment:

Recently I had an opportunity to work on a feature wall for my niece, she fell in love with my barn wood wall. I was able to partner with Stikwood to give her the modern farmhouse look that she’s going for. She is very creative and loves adding fun and beautiful touches to her home. They’re currently in the remodeling mode, hopefully in a few months I will be able to share her home tour!

Quick and easy farmhouse wall treatment…
Weathered white wall using Stikwood easy farmhouse look by Refresh Restyle

Weathered White wood for the farmhouse look at Refresh Restyle


Wall treatment using Stikwood to create a Farmhouse look at Refresh Restyle

diy steps and supplies contains affiliate links


  1. using a level, draw a line across the wall to start applying the wood
  2. remove backing (there are 3 strips of adhesive on the back of the wood)
  3. carefully line up your piece of wood on the level line and press in to place
  4. continue moving across the wall
  5. Finish by replacing molding trim


  • level and pencil to draw a line
  • saw  (the wood is thin and easy to cut – I used my Rockwell Bladrunner)
  • Stikwood
  • Screw driver (to remove electrical plates)
  • Crow bar to remove molding

Installing Stikwood for a weather white farmhouse wall treatment at Refresh Restyle

Creating a farmhouse wall treatment with Stikwood at Refresh Restyle

Weathered white wall to create a fab farmhouse look at Refresh Restyle

The room looks totally different now! Here’s the before:

Dining room wall before Farmhouse wall treatment at Refresh Restyle

Farmhouse wall treatment with Weathered white Stikwood at Refresh Restyle

If you want to create a focal wall and add rustic interest in one afternoon, this farmhouse wall treatment is perfect!

Weathered White wood for the farmhouse look at Refresh Restyle


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Are you following the Decor Enthusiast Facebook Group? We have so much fun over there. It’s a place to share your decorating & DIY adventures as well as ask advice! We’d love to have you! Just remember….it’s a nice group…no negativity allowed. You can find it HERE. Share your farmhouse decor with us in the group!decor enthusiast



  1. Plz tell me where I can purchase these to do a back splash in my my kitchen? Thank you!

  2. Where can you find these wood planks that adhere so easily?I would love to try this!

  3. How easy is this to remove? I live in an apartment and when I move out it has to come off.

  4. Looks Wonderful

  5. Where would I find this product?

  6. I’m on board with anything that makes fabulous projects like this take less time!

  7. LOVE this gorgeous project. The wall looks so perfectly farmhouse fresh.
    The whitewashed wood is gorgeous 🙂

  8. Oh my gosh Debbie! What a huge transformation this made! I need Stikwood for my staging wall and or floor!



  9. I so want to try this!!!! I love it. What a great way for the DIYer to add farmhouse style to their home!

  10. That wall is absolutely AHHHHmazing!!! I think I want one to somewhere in my home! 🙂

  11. I love that wall transformation! Must find somewhere in my house to use that idea!

  12. that wall is stunning! I bet your niece hasn’t left the room!

  13. This is gorgeous!! I absolutely love this look and this product looks like a super simple way to achieve it! XO

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