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in my home town.

(Actually in my weekend home town of  Dadeville Alabama!)

When I saw that Centsational Girl was hosting a party about favorite things in our town, I knew what I was going to share.  Our favorite place is Lake Martin Alabama.  Talk about reFreshing!  Spend some time here and you’ll never want to leave!

(Details of sign here.)

Late afternoon skiing.

Tubing until your arms feel like noodles.

Thirty minutes from Auburn Football (pillows here)! WAR EAGLE!

The best thing we bought this year, these floating chairs from Sam’s Club!

This view almost every evening!

Reasons to get the picnic basket out.

Great places for Murphy to stroll and let the wind whip her blond curls!  She is looking over at the boat slips:

She always greets us at the door when we come back from the lake.  She hates the water, she stays here and prepares us a nice greeting:

Fresh flowers

She forgot to put the dirty glass (on the end table) in the dishwasher.

But she did fluff the pillow.

She said enough about me, get back to Lake Martin!

Here—->  Mr. reFresh Skiing

My first blog video attempt, fingers crossed.  Click above to see Mr. reFresh ski!

Having fun with family and friends,

fishing with the grandsons,

making lake sand castles and lasting memories!

These are just some of our favorite things!

Oh one more thing, watching plenty of these!

I know you can understand why Lake Martin is our favorite thing/place in our home away from home town!

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    17 thoughts on “favorite things”

    1. Hi Debbie! My husband grew up in Dadeville on Lake Martin. We try to visit family there at least a couple of times per year. The lake is wonderful and of course we are Auburn fans. Hubby and two of our children graduated from there.

    2. What a beautiful place to live. I would love to be sitting in one of those floating water chairs right now. Your dog is so cute too. I have a golden retriever who doesn’t like the water either.

    3. Wow that last picture takes my breath away…that’s a blower upper! Great fun and love your little (well big) doggie! BTW throughly enjoy your blog and I don’t miss a post!

    4. Okay every single detail was fabulous! oh wait…except the Auburn pillows. yep don’t like those one bit. 😉 haha! Had to put that in since we are die hard Alabama fans. Seriously though, what a beautiful place to spend time and I can see why it is your favorite place. Thank you for letting us go there with you.


    5. Lake Martin IS a wonderful place! In my former life, we had a place near Reel Island (got sold in divorce proceedings PLUS he got the Auburn season tickets…bummer). Even though it will be hot as Hades, I am going to the season opening game this weekend…are you? I loved seeing all your great photos of Lake Martin! I saw your post over at “Primp”.

    6. Wow! that does look like a fabulous place! and I love your sweet doggy…especially the last picture of her with her little paws crossed…so sweet. Ok, I have to tell you that at first glance, I thought I was seeing a picture of the Lockness Monster in the second picture down…I guess it is a little late and I need to go and fetch my reading glasses from the kitchen counter….lol. So anyway, glad to see now that it wasn’t…cause that would really be something…the Lockness in Alabama…now that would draw a crowd to Lake Martin!

      Sorry, I am rambling…thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my mantle. The little sailboat is from TJ Maxx. It came with a dorky kind of net thing stapled to it and I plucked that right off and stuck it up there. I have thought many times about painting a number or something small on the sail…but I kind of like it plain too…

      I have got to follow your blog now that we have made this connection and look forward to snooping around more…with my reading glasses on this time! Have a great week!


    7. I can see why those are some of your favorite things Debbie! Those floating chairs look like the perfect way to enjoy the lake. This was such a fun post! 🙂


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