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Grilled Pizza

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Date night with grilled pizza and how our electrician made it more romantic!

The minute the temps rise above 70°, we spend most afternoons and evenings outside on the porch.

Friday and Saturday nights are our favorite.  We light the grill, relax and catch up on the day.

Date night on the porch!
Grilled Pizza

A quick and easy meal for us is grilled pizza.

Heat the grill up to 400°.

Sprinkle a little corn meal on the ceramic plate setter and toss the pizza on.

We have used a regular pizza pan on our gas grill too.

Think of it just like your oven.

Grilled Pizza

While the grill heats up, I grab all my supplies:

Pizza board, pizza cutter, plates napkins and wine glasses.

(The pizza board makes loading and unloading the pizza a lot easier.)

My large tray comes in handy,  fewer trips in and out.

Grilled Pizza Date Night

Grilled Pizza Date Night

Add fresh cut flowers, these are from my  knock out rose bush.

Perfect setting for date night!  Let me just say, if you don’t have the occasional date night, you should!

We’ve been married 28 years and trust me, you need date night!

-All this reminds me of what the electrician did in addition to installing two pendant lights over the grill.

Spring Cleaning kitchen area

The day of installation, he called me out there…

he said, I added a little something extra for you…a dimmer for the lights!

According to him, we needed a dimmer for those times when we sat on the porch enjoying a glass of wine 😉 and tonight we dimmed the lights and enjoyed our pizza! (White wine recipe at the end of post.)

grilled pizza - date night

Grilled Pizza

When I’m grilling, I make it easy on myself!

Tony’s Pizza with pizzeria style crust from Walmart!  I bought two and used this  coupon 🙂

The hardest part of this meal was lighting the grill.

Grilled Pizza

Grilled Pizza Date Night

Grilled Tony’s Pizza from Walmart on the back porch with white wine sangria and the lights dimmed…

Tony's Grilled Pizza

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Tony’s Pizza makes date night easy peasy!

Try it with my simple White Wine Sangria recipe.

White Wine Sangria



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    1. The first time I heard of grilled pizza I thought “whaaaa”? Then oldest came over and created pizzas for the whole family on the grill. Now we drool at the thought!

    2. Definitely sounds like the perfect date night to me Debbie! And totally going to be trying your sangria recipe as soon as our new deck is installed and we can enjoy an evening outside.


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