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Handmade by {Hilani}

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Hi Everyone…

I’m so darn giddy {clapping enthusiastically} about being here at Refresh Restyle.  I’m an out-of-the-closet stalker to Debbie and can’t get enough of her.  She’s so good about interacting with her fans daily; you’d think it’s her personal page you follow.  I’ve come to learn, I’d surely enjoy a sunrise coffee talk with her, while sitting in a swing, on a wrap-around porch, to talk shop about her latest projects and what sewing prototype I’m working on. 

I’m Hilani, from over at Handmade by Hilani.  I create hand sewn items for all ages.  My hobby, turn business, started in spring of 2010. You can read more about how it started; it’s funny, it’s because of a girlfriend and a zipper.  I truly love what I do and for so many reasons.  It allows me to create things, share them with others, and meet so many people along the way.  I often receive emails with product ides from either friends, family or followers.  I kind of have a rule that once I’ve been asked 5 times, I decide to hit the drawing board and sketch out a design, with the plan to create one (at some point).  Below you’ll find a product I designed, in summer of 2011.  It has moved up in popularity because of it’s convenient front pocket.  It is used by soccer moms, dog walkers, and 

active people alike.  

I was so thrilled when Debbie offered me a chance to share with her fabulous readers one of my items.   Staying active, while being hands free, is great so up for grabs is an
Adjustable strap Water Bottle Carrier, 
with a front pocket that closes via Velcro.  

The pocket is large enough to hold a single key, 
small money, a cell phone (iphone), and chap-stick.

Here are images of your {PRIZE}



Enter Below, and Good Luck!  


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I’m pretty big in the social butterfly category, you can find me at anyone of these places, stop by and say “Hi”. 


Thanks again Debbie, coffee talk with you soon!

    43 thoughts on “Handmade by {Hilani}”

    1. I’d love to use this product while doing some light hiking or walking around the neighborhood! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

    2. What a great idea! This is one of those simply brilliant ways to handle a real hassle–how to carry a water bottle.

    3. This is adorable. I wonder if it would work well for running, otherwise it’s still great for when I take the kids to the park so I can play with them and still have water for us on hand!

    4. This is pretty cool. great for going on a walk without having to hold stuff (which is good because on a walk I usually have my hands full with rocks and sticks my 2 year old wants me to carry!!)

    5. I think it is fabulous! If I had this I’d be more likely to carry my water with me. And the pocket is a great idea! Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

    6. First time I have entered one of these give-a-ways. I am always walking & this bottle holder seemed to “click” with me. Hope I’m a “first time lucky” winner!!!!


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