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How to Build an Industrial Console Table

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What do you do when you can’t find an affordable not to mention large enough entertainment center to go under your basement tv? Here’s what we did!

How to Build an Industrial Console Table – Custom, Heavy Duty, Mega 7′ Long

How to create a custom tv console easy DIY instructions included at RefreshRestyle.com

Back in the basement with another DIY. Did you see the barn wood wall in kitchen? Be sure to check it out. We are loving our casual entertaining areas in the basement! Good timing too, with the new episodes of Fixer Upper and of course football season coming up 🙂

Supply List:

  • 4 – 7 foot long  2″ x 10″ pieces of lumber
  • 6 – 3/4″ black pipe nipples at 18″ each
  • 12 –  3/4″ floor flanges
  • 48 –  1 1/2″ screws to attach floor flanges
  • 4 – 5″ casters
  • 16 bolts to attach casters
  • Kreg jig to create pocket hole to connect the lumber
  • Screws
  • stain or paint of your choice

We had the guys at Lowe’s cut the  (4) 2″ x 10″ for us to 7′ long and we used the Kreg Jig to drill pocket holes to join the boards. We created 2 sets of shelves, so that we would have an upper and lower shelf. The jig makes it easy, you just set the depth (you set – see the gray section of the jig – the size of wood you’re using and slide to determine the depth of your pocket hole – ours was 2″) clamp on the jig and drill to the stop. I purchased a variety set of Kreg screws and that’s what we used to join the boards. I cleaned the 18″ black pipe nipples and attached the floor flanges to each end. We used bolts to attach the flanges to the bottom shelf about 1 1/2″ in on each end and centered the other 2, flipped it over and attached them to the top. While we had the piece upside down, we attached the heavy duty casters. After we admired our handy work for a few minutes 😉 I stained the piece.

Creating an industrial table using a kreg jig to make pocket holes at RefreshRestyle.com
Kreg Jig clamped to lumber to create pocket holes.
Lumber connected to create a table with a kreg jig at RefreshRestyle.com
Pocket holes created with the Kreg Jig

Black Nipple with Floor Flanges attached to create an industrial tableUsing the jig to create pocket holes allows you to join the wood from the bottom, so it’s not visible from the top.

Industrial casters, wheels attached to create and industrial table at RefreshRestyle.com
Attach casters to bottom.

DIY custom industrial furniture at refreshrestyle.com

I searched and searched for a piece of furniture to hold the sub-woofer and the surround sound components but I couldn’t find anything affordable that fit. We needed something wider than the tv but no taller than 30″ so it wouldn’t cover up the center speaker that Mr. Refresh painstakingly installed, he actually installed all 7 the speakers.

Perfect DIY for under the big screen. Industrial build from refreshrestyle.com

Perfect for our tv viewing area.

Wood and Pipes with huge casters on the how to create the perfect tv console at refreshrestyle.com

Mega 7' build - instructions included for this industrial console at refreshrestyle.com

Here’s my Amazon affiliate links for supplies used:

Kreg Jr. Jig

Kreg Jig Screws – Variety pack

Kreg Clamp

how to build an industrial table to go under the tv at refreshrestyle.com

How to build an industrial console table – custom DIY for your tv!Industrial tv console easy DIY instructions at refreshrestyle.com

Basement decor ideas with BHG at Walmart #sp decor at refreshrestyle.com

Striped curtains BHG at Walmart #sp in basement space at refreshrestyle.com

Finished basement to add to our property value

Before and after basement refinish at refreshrestyle.com

The basement has come a long way! We love spending time here, watching football games on the big screen and entertaining friends and family!

Creating living space in the finished basement for added property value at refreshrestyle.com

Did you see the kitchen area?

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    1. Great amazing work!

      I actually made this project for myself using yours as inspiration! I look forward to being inspired by your other projects now that I have discovered you page!

    2. Hi. I love this console. My husband and i will be starting this project soon. What type of casters are those and what color stain did you use?

    3. Debbie- when you added the floor flanges, did you measure 1 1/2 inches from the edge of the flanges, the center of the flanges, or the bolt hole of the flange? We are in the process of trying to put our table together (ours will only be 4 ft long) and can’t decide where to put the flanges.

        • Thank you for the quick response! We have to get different clamps for the kreg jig before we can assemble, so it may be a day or two before I can get a pic of the finished product. We love your work and will be using some of your other ideas in the future. Keep up the good work!

    4. I love it. I’m going to build one similar to yours but make it taller. Have you had any issues with the bottom shelf sagging without any support under it? I’m not sure if there would ever be a problem but I’m just trying to plan everything out before building mine. Thanks.


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