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How to Make a Bench

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How to Make a BenchBench made from a headboard and end tableThe refreshed bench is finally in the house.

It’s a long story and it goes like this,

Justin called and said he was coming home for the weekend.  He loves to work on projects with us.  He wanted to know if we had something in the works.

ok let us show you how to make a bench from these goodies:

headboardAs a matter of fact we do.  From the very first time that I saw this $19 headboard.

end tableI knew what I wanted to do with it.  When I spied this end table at the Habitat Restore, I knew I had found my legs!

Men working

This is what I like to see in the back yard, two handsome dudes with power tools!

table legsWe removed the table top, used 2×4’s to create the seat area, leaving the sides of the end table in tact.

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Using the Kreg jig, glue and screws to secure it all.

Kreg JigKreg Jig

center braces

Screws and L brackets were used for added security to hold the headboard in place.

Headboard bench


More 2×4’s for armrests 🙂

And this is how she sat for months and months in the garage.  Barry kept saying that the new wood just looked too new and the legs made the seat too tall.  I said don’t worry about that new wood, I can take care of that.  I just need you to cut those legs off a little!  One day I drug it out and said, its time to finish this!  With a grinder to put some gouges in the new wood, a sander to round the edges and a saw to cut the legs off, Barry got busy 😉

Painted Bench

I painted with two different colors and distressed the whole thing.

Distressed Bench

The grinder created some marks on the armrest similar to the headboard.  Now that its painted, there’s no difference in the wood.


I didn’t bother to fill the holes, it’s rustic and distressed.

Cushion from Ballard Designs

I ordered the cushion from Ballard Designs and I love it.

Bench from a headboard

The color is Spa.

Headboard Bench

I love her.

Bench with pillows

Here’s where she lives now, out of that dirty garage for good 😉

Custom Bench


Thanks Barry and Justin!

ps. Justin, time to come home again 😉

See how we built this entertainment center:

how to build an industrial table to go under the tv at refreshrestyle.com

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    79 thoughts on “How to Make a Bench”

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    2. Hi Debbie,

      Loved this creation of bench from a bedhead and an end table – truly inspiring!

      The idea has made me think that maybe I could do something similar but with a wooden double bed that has built in side tables BUT to shorten it so as to make a couch?

      The bed cost a small fortune and has proved too big for any of the places we have lived since buying it

      Am wondering where to begin?

      Thanks for any input.

    3. I love this bench! I have a Queen headboard I wanted to turn into a bench but wasn’t sure how to start but this is an awesome tutorial. I’m totally going to find a table at the Restore for my legs as well. Are those L brackets really all you need to keep the headboard in place?

      • Thank Heidi,
        The L brackets are just one point of support. After the L-brackets are put on you lay your board across them and attach and the arm also supports the back. So there are 3 areas of support for the back. I hope this helps 🙂

    4. Debbie, this bench is beautiful! Looks like you have two very handy and skilled craftsman using those power tools. I love the details of that headboard. I’m making a trip to Habit for Humanity resale store. I know one might have to keep going back week after week because the turnover of stuff coming in is amazing. I need some type of a bench at end of DH’s bed so he can sit down to put on his shoes/socks. He sits on the edge of the bed and I’m petrified he will slide off and fall and break a hip. He’s so imbobile now; that’s all I need is for him to break a hip. I need a bench that would have a bench where he can also put his shoes under it when they are not being worn. I get tired of picking 3 pr. of shoes plus his bedroom slippers up so he or I don’t trip over them. He was always so neat and picked up after himself but with the lack of mobility, it is difficult for him to do a lot of things he always did before.

    5. Your bench is lovely- loved that you combined the legs from the little table and sides- and this looks doable, even if I have no men with power tools helping me?! Congrats on such a creative project and thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    6. I am very impressed !!! Great job on the bench. I am wondering if you are satisfied with the stability of the back the way it is attached with the L bracket. Does it have any wiggle to it at all ?

        • Can you please post a photo of the back side of the bench, as I don’t see one here. I get all of the process except the area where the headboard sits on the 2 X 4 piece that runs the length of the bench.. Are they flush where they meet up on the back side or does the 2 X 4 extend on the 2 inch part more than the thickness of the headboard ? Hoping you have a photo from the back, either finished or unfinished. Thanks dear….again, this is such an awesome bench with beautiful design and creativity. Great job !

    7. I love this – especially the fan back! Sometimes ya just gotta let something sit until it hits you and you know exactly what to do next. Very creative!

    8. Isn’t it cool when your kids want to be part of the action…I love that! and what skills you are teaching him…to reuse and restyle – the bench turned out amazing – I love the colors you chose and the fact that you didn’t fill in the nail holes…gives it extra character! Thanks for sharing…I’ll be sure to be on the lookout for a pretty headboard…something like that would look great in my entryway!

    9. I love this project, I have my husbands very old headboard and footboard stored in a closet taking up useless space, now it has a purpose!!! I have already transformed about 5 pieces of furniture that needed lots of love and can’t wait to do this!! Thank you for sharing!!

    10. This is really cute. I have seen iy done with the head and foot board but not with the table. Opens up a whole new train of thought. Thank you, Cheryl

    11. Found you on Hometalk, this is amazing!!! I’m a big fan of repurposing furniture myself , and you really hit the nail on the head with this one! Love it:)

      XO, Christy

    12. Debbie

      I LOVE a great headboard bench! It’s been way too long since I’ve made one (bum shoulder)

      Y’all did a fabulous job marrying those two pieces together!! I love how you finished it off too. sooo sweet!


    13. I will be so proud if my sons grow up to be like yours! LOL Man, it would be nice to have some extra hands around here!

      I LOVE this bench. It is amazing!! Now, of course, I want one!

    14. Debbie this is the neatest project. I made a bench from a head board and of course, junque, but it would have been so much easier if I had seen this post first! I LOVE how it turned out. Pinning this so I can refer back to it.

    15. Debbie!!!!!!!!!! That is just PURE AMAZINGNESS right there! Seriously, could you be any more brilliant?! I LOVE the way your combined all of this random stuff to create something so beautiful! A gal after my own heart! Absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!

    16. Oh my goodness! That is just CHARMING! I love the colors of your fabrics too. It must have been fate. This has to be one of your favorites, it is to me! Darling.

      Many blessings….Brooke
      [email protected]

      Here is my new site for my Vintage Inspired Artwork…http://brookekroeger.blogspot.com/

      And my original site that focuses on my own photography and projects, Creative Country Mom… My home and gardening site, where I share tutorials, crafts, decor and lots of gardening ideas.

      This week I am starting a new link up party called “Sunday Open House”. I hope you will link up this lovely post to share with my readers.

    17. Debbie, you always have the best ideas! Today, I’m loving your bench and your soup recipe! That bench is beyond fabulous…love your vision!

      Gotta love men with power tools; especially, when they do such fabulous work.


    18. Turned out awesome. In the middle of January here in MN the only thing I want to add is that is I like to see two handsome dudes AND green grass under their feet. Just something not as handsome when the men are outside in 20 below zero.


    19. Okay, the project is awesome, but the two handsome dudes with power tools is the best part of the post.
      How fun that they dive in and help.
      The bench and cushion are so beautiful.
      Great job as always!
      Deb@Lake Girl Paints

    20. I love it! I’ve seen benches made from a headboard before, but your steps made it seem not so intimidating. I just wish Justin and Barry were here with their power tools!


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