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How to refresh a Chair

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Not too long ago I bought a couple of chairs to use at the lake. They seemed perfectly fine, they needed new fabric and to be painted. Just a little refresh and they’d be fine.

I can’t remember if it was a text or a phone call, either way, Justin let me know that they weren’t going to work. If you lean back and put you feet on rung, it breaks.  So don’t lean back.  Too Late!


How to refresh a chair


Paint and new fabric are miracle workers.

Chair makeover

I was lucky to find these well built chairs with plenty of seat room for $10 a piece.  

They don’t have a front rung 😉  and the price was right!

Chair makeover


I went to Hobby Lobby and bought new fabric.


Chair makeover


The fabric is orange and white.  So pretty, I love it!


Chair makeover


But I didn’t use it.

I was searching my fabric stash for another project and I saw these old feed/starch sacks.


Chair makeover

I decided to use them instead.  

Maybe pillows with the fabric from Hobby Lobby, who knows?

    15 thoughts on “How to refresh a Chair”

    1. Hello Debbie,
      These are really cute…now you know that I love the feed sacks that you used. I saw where you made a comment about the vintage market in Pike Road…can you believe this? I have been dying for someone to put a vintage show together in our area and look Layla did it. I think that we (bloggers) that are coming should get together for dinner on Friday or Sat. night…does that sound like fun to you? If so, maybe the two of us can put it together…just let me know what you think. I have some exciting news to share with ya. The shop where I am located at is moving to a new location and lucky me…I got an awesome room that is located at the front of the shop…the whole room is store front…so I will be super busy keeping it changed out, but I am super excited. Now, I know that this isn’t as cool as having your own shop, but it’s one step closer.


    2. I love the way your chairs turned out! I agree that the feed sacks were the perfect choice! I have fabric from Hobby Lobby that was originally destined for chairs but lost out to french linen. Don’t worry, I know that you’ll find another use for it! Great Makeover!

    3. The closest Hobby Lobby is about an hour from me, but I think totally worth the trip ! I love the fabric, and I love a good chair makeover. Great work!

    4. Debbie, glad you finally did something that I have done one time! And I have to admit recovering seats was not difficult at all. Love the fabric you used. Can we ever walk through Hobby Lobby enough to memorize all that store has to offer? Love it and their coupons!

    5. Whew.. I am reading and looking at the fabric…. ‘went to Hobby Lobby and bought fabric. Orange and white’ … OK this looks like feed sacks. They do… then my mind went nuts. HOBBY LOBBY HAS FABRIC THAT LOOKS LIKE FEED SACK ? BY THE YARD? Sigh…
      Crushing on your feed sack covered chairs!!! Gawgeous Dahling!
      Hugs, Gee


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