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How to Spray Paint Upholstered Furniture

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Hey guys, today I’m sharing how I used my HomeRight Finish Max sprayer to paint these ottomans! People have been painting upholstery and I thought I’d take it one lazy step further! Lazy on my part that is. I have found that it’s so much faster and easier to load my gun and spray paint versus using a paint brush – when I can. Here we go, how to spray paint upholstered furniture!

Chalk paint spray painted ottomans easy DIY at refreshrestyle.comFrom brown to gray, here’s what the ottomans looked like before:

Ottomans before spray painted upholstery at refreshrestyle.comI bought these at Goodwill with the intention of refreshing them with new fabric. After 1 year 3 years I came to the conclusion that I’m not working as fast as I used too. I gave myself two choices, get rid of them or do something to them. After hearing all the successful stories of painting fabric, I jumped on the bandwagon. I can say that all the reports are true. The fabric is stiffer but it softens up after sanding and waxing.

Steps for spray painting upholstery at refreshrestyle.com

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Here’s what I did:

  1. Removed the feet.
  2. Load your HomeRight Finish Max paint sprayer with chalk based paint, diluted according to directions.
  3. Position the upholstered piece for painting. I started at the bottom first.
  4. I used my HomeRight Spray Shelter, it’s like a painters dream tent for over spray!
  5. Spray each piece until desired coverage is reached. The chalk based paint dries quick, making re-coating easy.
  6. After the piece is dry use 120 grit sand paper to sand completely.
  7. Wax with your favorite wax. I used clear antique wax from Maison Blanche.

You can spray paint upholstery, see how I refreshed these ottomans at refreshrestyle.comI love the new color so much more than the old one. It’s a light blue/gray call Sugar Cane.

Spray chalk paint to create a new look for upholstered ottoman at refreshrestyle.comThe texture of the fabric makes it look like leather, a pretty grayish instead of the boring tan from before.

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HomeRight Ambassador

Thanks so much for following my projects! I used my HomeRight Spray Shelter – it’s great when spray painting so the over spray doesn’t go everywhere. I can see it coming in very handy this winter in the garage!

You can spray chalk based paint in a HomeRight spray paint gun see all the details at refreshrestyle.com

    30 thoughts on “How to Spray Paint Upholstered Furniture”

    1. I wouldike to know if any paint will come off later onto like clothing, trying to do chairs for a Reception hall, and what about spills onto the painted fabric.

    2. I wish I had seen this before I painted a very large sofa awhile back with a brush it took me way to long. I wish now I had used my Homeright Finish Max.

    3. I love the color and they look great! Does the paint rub off? Are they strictly decorative or can you sit on them once they have been painted?

    4. I painted a chair that was upholstered in cotton fabric. I used craft paint & mixed it with “medium” which is also available with craft paint. Made to mix with paint for painting fabric. I gently after 1st coat. Gave it a 2nd coat then a very light sanding. Much to my surprise it took on appearance of a tan leather chair. Used it for 10 years. No one knew it was painted. It was amazing.

    5. I want to paint my dining room chairs which are light colored. How much does a can of chalk based paint cover apprx? I have 6 chairs with seat and back support. These are traditional chairs. Im trying to figure out how much of the pain I should buy. Also, the wax, what type of wax for lighter pain should you use to protect the fabric? (example of the chair style I have, in url)
      Thank you.

    6. I was recently gifted a 80s style bleached oak entertainment center, complete with smoked glass doors. It could really use some paint to jazz it up.
      Still not sure what to do with the doors: ditch them? Try some glass etching? Decopauge some fabric over them? Choices, choices…

    7. Terrific looking! Could you explain why you waxed the fabric and the effect? I have a velvet-covered chair I might consider painting. But it’s dark pink….might be difficult to cover?

      • Linda, I used a chalk based paint and the wax seals it and makes it more pliable. You could probable use regular paint and a fabric medium. I haven’t tried that…yet.
        Thank you,

    8. Wow! What a giveaway! I would paint my kitchen island, and bar stools! It’s builders-grade bleh, and I’m ready to brighten up my kitchen!


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