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Finishing the Basement – Best Idea Ever

Oh my goodness, we are loving our basement. Finishing the basement was our best idea ever, sometimes we don’t have the best ideas! Come take a little tour of the living area, I’m sharing how you can personalize your space.

Fun comfortable living room BHG at Walmart #sp from refreshrestyle.com

We’ve never had a basement and never even thought about one. We moved last year and during our home search we saw a couple houses with basements, we were hooked. We wanted one! I’m sure Mr. Refresh was thinking about all the unfinished storage space and I was thinking about how we would finish it, furnish it and have family fun time in it!

Once we decided to hire a contractor, it didn’t take me long to pick out all the finishes. All neutrals, grays and wood tones. I knew that with a beautiful neutral start, we could take the decor in any direction we wanted. He on the other hand said something like; gray this, gray that, I guess it’s all going to be gray. Oh man of little faith.

BHG Spon Post

Basement decor ideas with BHG at Walmart #sp decor at refreshrestyle.com

After adding the main seating, a family and pet friendly sectional with recliners and a lounger – you guessed it that one’s mine! I got busy shopping the house for all things related to Mr. Refresh or his hobbies. Sadly a lot of the pictures and childhood sports trophies have been sitting in a dark corner in the garage for almost a year or more. I pulled them out, dusted them off and placed them around the room. It really started to look like home! I wanted a space that represented us well. If you walk in and look around, you know a little about us just by what you see. He loves flying, I don’t. He loves golfing, I don’t. I use the time when he’s flying and golfing to craft and DIY, it’s a win-win!

Basement decorated for fun and comfort with BHG at Walmart #sp items at RefreshRestyle.com

Tips for making a new space feel personal:

  1. Decorate with things that represent your hobbies, get creative with a wall gallery.
  2. Add personal photos.
  3. Shop your house, move your personality around, it doesn’t have to stay in one spot.
  4. Build furniture yourself, you will always have a conversation piece when your friends come over!
  5. Choose colors that you love, add a statement wall with paint or wood.
  6. Decorate according to how you will use the space. I really wanted an off-white linen sectional, how long do you think that would stay clean in this space? I knew a leather sofa would cause less drama when the room is filled with chip & dip, kids, dogs and rowdy football watching friends.

This gallery wall represents his love for golf, flying and family. When I saw this Better Homes and Gardens Clock on Walmart.com, I knew it would fit perfectly. This room is rustic, rugged and a little refined. A clock hanging by a rope fits in great.

Gallery wall idea to personalize space at refreshrestyle.com

To add a little color, I used these orange BHG Chenille pillows, that I already had. Being an Auburn graduate a little orange here and there is a must! A cozy heather grey throw is a must for movie night.

Cozy spot with an awesome orange BHG at Walmart pillow #sp at refreshrestyle.com
You can find me right here most nights!

Keeping with what I love, horizontal stripes, these BHG Striped curtains are perfect. By ordering them online, I got the 95″ inch length and created a perfect puddle 😉 at $14.44 for a pair it was very affordable to cover all three windows. If you’re looking for longer panels and lots of option check Walmart.com for a large selection of all things Better Homes and Gardens.

Striped curtains BHG at Walmart #sp in basement space at refreshrestyle.com

Reading are with pillow and curtains from BHG at Walmart #sp from refreshrestyle.comThis pillow reminds me of Murphy, so soft and curly, they call it the Rosette Plush Pillow. Maybe I should change her name to Rosie 😉

Personalize your living room with BHG at Walmart #sp from @refreshrestyle.com

Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart pillow #sp at refreshrestyle.com

I’m not really calling it a man cave, it is a little more manly than the rest of the house. All the decor choices are things that I love too!

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More fun in the basement, you can see the barn wood treatment in the kitchen:

Finished wall in the basement kitchen with barn wood

See:  the party serving area 

Basement Makeover on a budget.

check our tv media cabinet build

Industrial tv console easy DIY instructions at refreshrestyle.com

Tips for adding personality to your space with BHG at Walmart #sp at refreshrestyle.com


  1. Your basement is literally one of the BEST ones I’ve seen EVER!! It doesn’t even look like a basement. I truly think it is gorgeous and the finishes are lovely. Wow!! Congratulations, you accomplished a beautiful job. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Can you tell me the wall color name and brand? Thanks.

  3. I love how this turned out! What a great space to hang out in. I also love all the BHG stuff. It’s affordable and looks great! Murphy is adorable too!

  4. I love this space! You did a very nice job of making it beautiful while being fun and comfortable at the same time. I love the area rug! Could you share where you got it? I’ve been searching for something low pile & pretty for my living room since we have dogs as well! Thanks!

  5. You did such a great job, Debbie. The whole basement looks awesome!

  6. What a cool space! I bet my hubby and boys would love that!

  7. Debbie,

    I am n love, love, love with your basement space!!! So amazing! Your hard work and decor ideas really paid off! 🙂 Linda

  8. Debbie – for a person who never had a basement before, you did an amazing job!!! It looks like you’ve done this basement design/decorating before. I like the personal touches that you did like the football jersey. Great job incorporating a kitchen area as well for entertaining! I’m redoing our basement this fall so you’ve given me so great ideas!

  9. You did good!!!

  10. Your basement has come together beautifully! I just love Murphy. And yes, that pillow is just like him!

  11. Debbie, this is so pretty! The curtains really make the space and give it a polished feel. Your dog is SO cute. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Now that is gorgeous. I usually hate basements-they are depressing but yours is perfect. I’d live down there. Great taste.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  13. The whole thing is my style, except the Westbrooks jersey has to go, it would give away the secret its not my room.

  14. Debbie, I love your basement (and that wood wall treatment!). So much inspiration for us to finish ours.

  15. What a beautiful space. Having a basement gives you so much more square footage of living space and storage. We had them when we lived further north. Florida doesn’t have them. I love your sofa. May I ask the brand?

  16. You have done a most phenomenal job on the renovation of your basement…it is so very warm and cozy and the attention to detail is impeccable….I so love how you made each space livable and functional for every need of the family….Love it Debbie…

  17. It looks awesome!! Where did you get the coffee table? So cool! I love how it fits both you and Mr. Refresh!

  18. My basement is green with envy! It’s dark, dreary, unfinished and I think a ghost lives down there! What I wouldn’t do to have your basement – I’ll bring the popcorn (and the wine) for the next movie night. Love that barnwood backsplash!

  19. Debbie, what a nice and bright basement. Love how you decorated it.

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