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Definition: (of a cycle) beginning or occurring again; “a fresh start”; “fresh ideas”

The number went from 2011 to 2012.  Time to make those changes that I’ve waited for, I tell myself next year I’m gonna…

With the new year comes resolutions and sometimes disappointment.  I make plans that I don’t complete, or I do complete them just not as quickly as I wanted.  I’m disappointed, I vow to never resolve again.

Fresh  is my word of the year.

Each day is new and like a fresh start.  I’m going to ignore the date changing thing.  Whatever I didn’t finish yesterday, I will try to finish today.  I think as long as I start each new day, with a new to-do list and a new attitude I won’t be as hard on myself.  I’m not going to wait for a New Year to click over, I’m starting Fresh every day.

There will be hills and valleys

but the sun will come up again.

Some days will be sour,

others rosy.

Crashing days,

and smooth sailing days.

Just let it go, start Fresh.

(all the photos are mine)




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    14 thoughts on “Word”

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Fresh….is just perfect for you!
      What gorgeous inspiration pictures, I especially like the lemons with the reference to sour…
      Also the one off the back of the boat…all of those pretty blues…what a great picture!
      Have a great week!
      All the Best,

    2. You’ve got the right attitude! I like the word fresh & think it’s perfect for the new year and for every single day within the year.

    3. I love your photos, they are gorgeous and I love your attitude! I think that this is great, no worries, no pressure and it allows you time to enjoy the things that you are doing.
      Thank you for all your sweet comments as well and i hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    4. Debbie,
      “Fresh” is perfect. It suits you. What a wonderful post, as always. I am so glad we meant!

      Now, where is my damn plane ticket?

    5. Great choice! Isn’t it nice to start each day this way! I love your pictures; lovely! Thanks for sharing such an inspiring post!


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