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Navy Maison Blanche

Navy Maison Blanche Furniture Paint

Ahoy! Captain

Navy Maison Blanche furniture paint #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #adI am so excited to share the new, awesome “Navy” paint from Maison Blanche Furniture Paint!

Navy Before Maison Blanche #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

The moment I brought this bad boy home, Barry let me know how he felt about it! He didn’t like it one bit.  Before I could give it a makeover, it went to college with Justin. It was the perfect small size for his dorm.  He moved around a couple times and it went with him.  Fast forward to a couple weeks ago and it reared its ugly head back here again!  Barry was so happy to see it…right.

Navy and Light Brown Wax #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

Little did he know that I had a secret weapon up my sleeve!

Oh yeah, Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture paint in the new “Navy”. It is just what this ugly guy needed.

To top it off, I waxed it with the Maison Blanche Light Brown Antique Wax.

Navy Chest Makeover #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #adThis awesome heavy bodied paint spreads like butter, so creamy.  I always turn my can upside down and stir very well to mix all the chalky goodness up!

As you can see the paint dries much darker than when you first apply it.

Navy Light Brown Wax #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

The light brown antique wax darkened the color even more.  I love its beautiful protecting qualities!

I use a chip brush to apply the wax.  Wait about 30 minutes to buff.

Navy Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

Once again this piece will be living with Justin in the fall, after he gets married.
Navy Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

Barry loves it now. He even said, are you sure we don’t need to keep it?Navy #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

It’s still an old piece, but it stands proud with it new uniform on 🙂 Navy #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

Allow me to introduce you to the Captain:Navy #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad Navy Goldhardware #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #adBefore I forget, I cleaned the original hardware and spray painted it gold. Want to know how to properly spray paint hardware, see the details here.

Navy #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

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Check here to find a retailer near you!

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Navy ShipJustin’s favorite quote!

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  1. Oh I am in love! The styling is amazing too!

  2. Perfect color….great uniform! Isn’t it fun to prove yourself by DIY!

  3. Hi I was wondering what gold spray paint you used for the handles? They are beautiful!

  4. Hi – this is beautiful.
    Did you have to sand/prep the piece first? I love this and have a piece I want to work on but not sure I want to deal with the mess of sanding it first.


    • Hi Jennifer,
      As a general rule of thumb with Maison Blanche, you do not have to sand. Just make sure your piece is clean and paint. This piece had been painted several times and there was a build of paint and drips, so I did sand in spots that needed it. Also, if your piece is older and stained, you may want to check to make sure that there is no bleed through. Some older stains bleed when using water based paints.

  5. Love the navy! The piece is gorgeous now! Great make over.

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous ~ I don’t even have words!

  7. This is gorgeous! I can’t wait to get some of this new color. Very classy. 🙂

  8. Navy blue furniture kind of rocks! The whole vignette is cute!

  9. Ha! I love that Barry tried to keep the Captain.
    It looks incredible now. You did it up just right.
    He looks proud and perfect!!

  10. Debbie, I LOVE it and the fact that you added the splash with the green rug…FABULOUS!!!
    I wish I had thought of it..:)
    Your photos and staging always astound me…
    Just love it!

  11. Oh debbie. I just love this piece so much. And how u styled it is perfection.

  12. Debbie — I’m in love! I’m crazy about navy and nautical and this would look so very perfect in my home! 🙂 Linda

  13. Gorgeous! I love that gold hardware with the Navy!

  14. I love the navy color, especially with the shiny brass handles. The way you styled it with nautical decor is perfect!

  15. It is so pretty…I absolutely love it!!! A welcome addition to any room!

  16. I love it! Lucky son, sorry Barry! In the naaaaavyyyyy……


  17. ooooh yes! i love me some navy and this is gorgeous!

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