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How to Paint a Farm Table

How To Paint A Farm TableHow to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyle

I’ve had this awesome farm table for months. I’m talking over 6 months. I just couldn’t decide what color I wanted to paint the base.
How to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyle

Here’s how it all came about…I found out that my friends from Ollie Mae Furniture had a ton of barn wood and I begged them for a tabletop.

Every time I looked at them, all I could think about was their stash of barn wood.

Finally, one day they gave in and took my factory table home. The one that I bought at a thrift shop.

They took it apart, created a new apron and replaced the top with barn wood. And I loved them even more than I did 😉

How to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyle

And when they brought it back it looked like this. Factory painted legs and pine for the apron.

It sat like this and everyday I looked it and wondered what color to paint it.

How to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyle

And then one day the most beautiful color of Oyster came in to my life.  It was just what I’d been waiting for.

So I painted the base, aka apron.

How to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyle

The base of the table that had taunted me for so long.

How to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyle

And I painted the legs too.

How to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyle

I love the color Oyster!

How to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyle

It went on creamy and smooth. The only thing I did for prep was clean the legs.  After all, they’d been around the block a time or two and I know they needed a good cleaning.

How to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyle

One of the things that I love about Maison Blanche Furniture Paint is the flat, chalky finish.

How to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyleLook at those leg… flat, smooth and perfect!

How to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyleI decided not to distress and leave the finish flat or matte.

To do that I used Maison Blanche Matte Varnish. It’s water based and dries to nice flat finish.

How to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyle

I took this photo just after I applied the matte finish. You can use a brush, roller or sprayer to apply the finish.  Make sure your paint had cured for 24-48 hours before you apply.  It dries to the touch after 30 minutes, you can re-coat after 2 hours.

Maison Blanche also has a satin version.

How to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyleBefore:

How to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyle

After:How to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyle

I am so happy with the finished table and the color Oyster. I can’t believe  I waited so long.

How many times do I say that!?

How to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyle

Now when she gets dressed up with flowers and plates, she feels complete.

How to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyle
How to paint a farm table. #farmtable#maisonblanchepaint #paintedfurniture #ad #refreshrestyle

Keep up with the latest here: Maison Blanche Paint Company  and on their  Facebook.

Let me know if you try the new color Oyster!


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  1. Good morning! I love the table it is beautiful. Hoping to buy some of this paint soon.. Thank you for sharing! Lori

  2. someone build me a farm table I want to keep it wood on tap but will Like to paint the legs, I loved your table, can you please tell me what kind a brush should I use for this kind of paint, should I prime it first, and what finish should I use for the top?… Thank you for your time and talent

  3. Is the varnish difficult to use? I have done the legs of a kitchen table in Maison Blanc Wrought Iron and wondered if I should wax or put the varnish on. This is my first big project. I did a shelf first to experiment using the Maison Blanc paint (which I do like) and used the Maison Blanc wax but wondered if the wax was a good idea for the table legs.

  4. I love your chairs. Where did you get them from?

    • Thanks so much Danielle! I bought them about 14 years ago when we lived in Arkansas. The brand is Riverside. Good luck if you’re looking for some!

  5. This is amazing!!!! Love that color! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Featuring today on my FB page. Love! Have a fab week.

  7. Oh man! That is one beautiful table! I’m in love with the color too! Enjoy! 😀

  8. Love Ollie Mae! So glad you kept after that wood. The table is gorgeous!

  9. Really wonderful!! LOVE the finish and the painted apron. YOur styling is amazing!!!

  10. Well I love the oyster. But…that tabletop! They did a beautiful job! The whole thing is perfect!

  11. When I come for dinner, that’s the table that I want to sit at. that table is amazing.

  12. I also truly love the rug under the table. That is so great, where did you find it?

  13. I love the table, but especially love the chairs! The color is great!

  14. I just adore your table and your chairs and your “rug” and your entire dining room!!! Pinning away ….

    🙂 Linda

  15. The table is lovely, you did a great job, looks professional! By the way, I love the stenciled mat under the table. Did you do that too?

  16. Your table is gorgeous! I, too, am in love with the Oyster color! I may end up repainting my dining table with it!

  17. Love the makeover! So pretty and classic.

  18. Nice legs!! Love the color — xo heidi

  19. SERIOUSLY! That is the PERFECT color for that table.Its all so stunning and classic and BEAUTIFUL! I love it all. But I love pretty much everything you touch a paintbrush to. 🙂

  20. Debbie that is a beauty. So, so pretty… the legs on it are gorgeous!!!!
    Now, come do mine.
    I would like Ivory.
    Or Magnolia.

    See you soon…. 😉

  21. oh i love it, debbie! the top is stunning and looks great with that creamy base!

  22. Love it! Just beautiful!

  23. You legs look great! My legs have been around the block a time or two as well, but they are no where near as flat, smooth and perfect as yours. Mine still taunt me.

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