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DIY a Door Shelf

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DIY a Door Shelf Beverage Station

Old doors are great for repurposing! This one was the perfect size to add on the dock to use as a beverage serving station. I used a little paint and a few shelves to bring it back to life.

How to Create a Door Shelf #diyproject #olddoor #painteddoor #modernmasters #frontdoorpaint DIY a Door ShelfLet’s get started!

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Here’s what you need:


Modern Masters Front Door Paint – Hopeful 32oz

Purdy Brush XL 2″ Angular Trim Cub Brush


L-brackets or shelf brackets


1. Clean your door with water and vinegar. Let it dry

2. Paint the door, I used two coats of Modern Masters Front Door Paint.  It is water based and the coverage was great, it dries fast too, so you can paint your front door and close it the same day! There are 24 beautiful colors to choose from. I included an affiliate link above.

3. I love painting with Purdy brushes, they are hands down the best.  The cub handle does not fatigue my had as much as others.

4.  Your shelving size will depend on your door, I already had the 3 pieces in the garage. Lucky me 🙂

5. Use L-brackets or shelf bracket to attach your shelves. I decided on 3 shelves, you can use as many as you like.  I did not paint mine, but you could.  Mine were already aged, I’m not sure what they were in a former life.  I bought them at a yard sale.

6.  I attached my door shelf to an existing 4×4 on the dock.  If you’re using yours inside, just locate studs in your wall and attach with screws.

How to Create a Door Shelf #diyproject #olddoor #painteddoor

Great for serving food or drinks.

How to Create a Door Shelf #diyproject #olddoor #painteddoor  The dark, dirty brown door before.

How to Create a Door Shelf #diyproject #olddoor #painteddoor The door after 2 coats of Modern Masters Front Door Paint

How to Create a Door Shelf #diyproject #olddoor #painteddoor

Click here to see: Modern Masters Never Fades Front Door Paint and the color I used is Hopeful.

How to Create a Door Shelf #diyproject #olddoor #painteddoorAttaching the shelves.  Pre-drill and space your shelves where-ever you like them.  I used 3 and left more space at the top but if you were doing a bookcase you could place them all the way up. We ended up using larger brackets than the ones shown.

How to Create a Door Shelf #diyproject #olddoor #painteddoor

There’s plenty of room for glasses and refreshments.

How to Create a Door Shelf #diyproject #olddoor #painteddoorNapkins or plates.

How to Create a Door Shelf #diyproject #olddoor #painteddoor

Drink containers or whatever you need.

How to Create a Door Shelf #diyproject #olddoor #painteddoor

See more ideas for old doors here: Old Door Hall Trees

I loved the consistency of the Front Door paint and just want to say thanks to Modern Masters for supplying my paint.


refreshrestyle.comSee how I made the refreshment sign ! It’s so easy, you will want to check it out 🙂

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Are you inspired to get outside and repurpose something?



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    1. Love this!! I am such a sucker for old doors and I love seeing new ways to use them. I have a pretty good stash myself. Will definitely be making this one! Pinning and sharing, love it!

    2. What a fabulous idea Debbie!! I love how you added shelving to it – we all need more organization and storage ideas for our outdoor living areas and this is so pretty on top of it all!! It was so awesome to see you at Haven! xo Heather


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