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How to Spray Paint Hardware

How to spray paint hardware.

This is how I spray paint the hardware that I reuse on the pieces that I paint. 


What you need:

Sanding block

Cleaner, degreaser

Spray Paint for metal


Old Hardware


1. Sand the glossy hardware with your sanding block or use a wire brush.

2.  Clean. When cleaning your hardware, make sure you wear gloves as most cleaners are harsh.  I have denatured alcohol in my stash.  I use old t-shirts and the denatured alcohol to remove grease and grime build-up from the hardware.

3.  Read the instructions on your spray paint and follow carefully.  One mistake that I’ve made is not shaking the can enough.  Be sure to SHAKE the paint vigorously!

4.  I have found that spray painting small objects in a box is like a miniature spray booth.


denatured alcohol

 Sand and Clean.  You can clean with soap and water, be sure to let it dry completely.

Pineapple Hardware

I love the little pineapples on this hardware.  I knew I had to re-use it.

brass hardware

spray paint in a box

 I always spray the underneath side first.


I’m using the hardware on a grey piece, so I chose matte nickel color spray paint.


first coat of spray paint

Here’s the first coat on the underneath side of the hardware.

Be sure to follow re-coating directions, this paint suggested one light coat followed by one wet coat.

I recoated before it was dry.

The paint dried to touch within 10 mins.

painted hardware


spray paint

Ready for the first coat on the top side.

spray paint

Here they are after the second coat.

The paint I used stated that it’s completely dry in 30 minutes.

This made it painless to paint both sides the same day.

spray painted hardware

Spray painting saved the old hardware!

Here’s what it looks like on the drawer.   I really love the pineapple, I’ve never seen this design before.

The most important part of spray painting hardware is to follow the paint manufacturers directions,

not all spray paint is created equal. Make sure it is dry before attaching it to your finished piece.

Use spray paint responsibly and  paint outside 🙂

How to spray paint hardware

Now see how I spray paint chairs:

spray paint dining chairs

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  1. I’m gonna have a little true confession right here on your blog……….. about 10 years ago I spray painted nightstand hardware right on the nightstand. I was too lazy to find a screwdriver to take the hinges off, so taped them up and sprayed them in place. Yes they looked like schmidt, do as Debbie does, not me!

  2. Correction on the name sorry!

  3. I have a bedroom set with the pineapple design on the top drawer of each piece. I bought it in 1974 from a North Carolina furniture maker when we were married and it has served us well. I am getting ready to refinish the set and want to thank you for all the tips.

  4. BobbynBethKendall

    Love the info, glad to see others putting old beauty back in use! Just a lil tip i have done alot od hardware refinishing, if you poke holes in the same locations as the screws into a piece of sturdy board, run the screws thru from the back & into the hardware just enough to hold it in place & hang them upside down you will be able to spray the whole peice @ 1 time. Also three medium coats work best for a lasting finish.

  5. Beautiful hardware, especially once you refinished it. It’s so much better. That pineapple detail is just darling! Pinned this for future reference. Hoping to get some painting projects done very soon 😉

  6. Great tutorial! I could have written a post on HOW not to paint it, this is so much better!

  7. Debbie, that hardware is perfect for an old piece…pineapples are great art anyway! I had an ah-ha moment when you mentioned placing the small items in a box…yeah, love that idea. I must confess, that I’ve waited months to use spray paint for fear of getting it too thin or too thick. Thanks for this great tutorial.


  8. I’ve never seen hardware like that with the pineapple, but I L.O.V.E them! {HUGS} Clydia

  9. Ah ha I have never sanded the hardware and I think that is the step I am missing. I notice the paint never sticks the way I would like, so thank you for showing us the right way to do this.

  10. I have a dresser to refinish right now, and I’m probably going to be painting the hardware…so thanks for the tips–yours look great 🙂

  11. Pretty little pulls Debbie – I do like them painted too!

  12. A useful reminder and tips as this is the sort of info I need over the coming months as working on our house renovation project.

  13. Great tips, Debbie! Love the pineapple, too. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  14. Those are beautiful handles! I soak my handles in ammonia and water overnight which removes all of the grime and coatings.. Super easy! Also I stick toothpicks in the handle holes to keep the handles elevated so I can paint it easier… just a couple of tips from me to you 😉 – Susan

  15. Thanks for sharing some really great tips! I’ll definitely have to give this a try!

  16. Debbie…that makes so much sense to spray them in a box! Geez! I have paint over spray all over my garage. Thanks for the tip.

  17. These are beautiful! I don’t think I would have picked up those handles but you really saw the beauty in them. I love the finished product! Great eye.

  18. This is a really good tutorial!! You could totally save a lot of money by just making over the hardware instead of buying new hardware!!

    I’ll definitely be saving this for future use!

  19. Gorgeous Debbie…I love how you spray them in a box too. Great tut, I pinned and boy do people like this one:)

  20. Yeah, seems about right 🙂 I wish the cabinets had hinge pins like regular doors so that I could paint them separately and then re-assemble. Thanks for the tip. May look into chemical treatments like oxidizing before I try the paint… I’m trying to match some soft iron hardware and not quite sure what treatment would match best 🙂 anyway, love your blog, keep up the awesome posts!

  21. Would you recommend this technique for hinges? I had searched for some black overlay hinges for my kitchen cabinets with no luck so I ended up buying satin nickel… They look terrible though 🙁 was wondering if they could be painted as there are moving parts.

    • I have never painted hinges. I would think that with moving parts it would eventually come off. But it sounds like you really don’t like what you have and if it were me, I would chance it. I would clean them very well and use a metal primer and follow the paint and primer directions closely. Good luck 🙂

  22. Debbie, that was a great tip about using a cardboard box while spray painting! The gorgeous pineapple design on the hardware was definitely worth refeshing and reusing!

  23. Yes Please!! Easy directions for the DIY challenged (umm…me!). Thanks!

  24. Gorgeous! Looks better then new 🙂 And the details are darling!!

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