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How To Spray Paint Dining Chairs

How to Spray Paint Dining Chairs

Do you have a project that you keep putting off?

For me it was painting the dining chairs!

That is until last weekend when Barry asked, when are you going to paint the dining room furniture and I said…

if you will remove the cushions, I guess I’ll paint the chairs today.

Before and after painting dining chairs

I can’t believe how spray painting the dining chairs changed the room!

Dining Chairs DIY-How to spray paint!

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And when I finished the chairs, I had to paint the china hutch.  You know how it is, one thing leads to another!

I used the  HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer ,  I have used it several times and the results were great and fast. Just like with anything there is a learning curve. So what if you make a mistake when you first start, it’s water based paint, you can wipe it off. Trust me, you can do it!

For this project I used Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture paint and the color is Cobblestone.

I was able to paint and wet sand 6 chairs in an afternoon, tiring, but possible 🙂

Follow the directions to put your sprayer together, easy and very few parts!  Be safe, use gloves, mask and eye protection.  Wear your paint clothes! Clean your chairs with a degreaser or water and vinegar mixture and get started.

This is what I did for my project:

1.  Put 1/4 cup clean water in paint cup.

2.  Fill  with paint to the 800 ml. line, stir well.  I used a new can of paint.  If I were using a pre-opened can, I would strain the paint, to make sure there were no clumps or trash in it. I mixed up the max amount, after all I was painting 6 chairs.  For smaller amounts follow the thinning directions included with the sprayer or just play around with it, like I did.

3.  Use the sprayer to paint the bottoms first and then flip the chairs over to paint the rest.  Chalky based paints dry fast, by the time I painted all 6 chairs, the first one was dry and I just started over.

4. Inspect the chairs to make sure you didn’t miss any spots, spray them if you did.  And if you are like me and find that you missed a few spots after you’ve cleaned up, just use a paint brush.

5. Wet Sand (video below)

6. After the chairs have dried, wax with Maison Blanche Lime Wax or top-coat of your choice.

Tips:  Because the paint dries quick, I finished the project the same day.  If you’re going to stop painting for 30 minutes or more, I would wash the sprayer completely and start over when you’re ready.  Occasionally the tip would get a build up of paint on it, I would just scrap that off with my fingernail.

This sprayer is easy to use and easy to clean.

Dining Chairs HomeRight Finish Max

Dining Chairs Spray Painting Dining ChairsChairs lined up on a tarp and ready to be refreshed.

Dining Chairs painted

Dining Chairs Liming Wax

Dining Chairs #painted #waxed

Dining Chairs #painted #waxed

Dining Chair #painted #waxed

Dining Chairs #painted #waxed

Dining Chairs DIY-How to spray paint!

I’ll be back with another post about the china hutch and another video about the Maison Blanche Lime Wax!

And if that’s not enough,  I’m changing the fabric on the seats.

Hopefully I will get that done this year 🙂

Hey y’all  I am southern.  I was born in Alabama and live in Georgia and I realize you may need an interpreter 😉


How to spray paint more: How to Spray Paint Anything

HomeRight Finish Max #homeright #finishmax #spraypaint #ad


  1. The chairs turned out gorgeous! They go beautifully with the table. I have been wanting to repaint out table and chairs but just haven’t got up the nerve to tackle the job. I am not good at spray painting, but haven’t ever tried a spray gun before. I do believe the hubby has one, I just need to get it out and practice.

  2. Hello, Just wondering how the paint has held up? Can you post a photo of how they look now? I have debating whether to do this with my chairs (similar to yours), but am worried with the wear and tear of kids that they will look more “distressed” than I would like, in a few years 🙂 Thanks.

    • It holds up great! As a dealer and custom paint designer for years using MBP products I can tell you that you will love the durability, ease of use and quality of these products. I have done over two dozen dining room sets, buffets, kitchen cabinets and all types of furniture.

      Note: Don’t spray in the hot sun, in the shade is best so it doesn’t bubble or crackle unless you want that look. don’t overspray! and two light coats does the trick on most sets. One can of MBP will paint six chairs!

  3. Debbie I love what you have done thank you for sharing your special room with us. I saw where you said the chairs came from Hanks furniture in Arizona. I went on their website to try and find them but could not. Can you give me the pattern name of the chairs and the style number if you have that or someway that I can

  4. i have a table n chairs i bought at a yard sale i want o paint them teal to go into my grey kitchen….what do i do to prepare them to paint? i was looking on pinterest and saw your video and yours look so wonderful I want to try to do this to update my kitchen… Thank you for your time and suggestions.

  5. Gorgeous! I have 6 chairs with an original cream/yellow finish that I want to paint white. I’m trying to figure out ho to distress these. If I sand lightly, It will take me down to the initial yellow finish. If I sand more, it will be down to raw wood, not the darker color of your highlights. Any suggestions?

  6. Hi Debbie!! Beautiful job on the chairs!! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you buy the dining room table please?

  7. Hi Debbie!! Thank you for posting about this!!! I am glad I found you and can follow you!!! I just bought this sprayer and started chalk painting some unfinished dining chairs I bought!! It is so quick and so much less painful than I was expecting! However, I seem to be going through the paint quicker than I thought! Do you have any issues with overspray? I am wondering if maybe I thinned the paint too much… Also, when you did the chairs how did you set up the nozzle? At first the spray was coming out vertically, maybe a lot of paint got wasted for me that way!? Lastly, have you used this sprayer to do a poly coat? I have four small children, so I need something more resistant and durable than wax… Thanks in advance!!!

  8. Hi Debbie,

    Just started following your website/blog…and just saw your post on your dinning room chairs….they turned out great. The detail on them is so beautiful and the painting really brings it out. I have a few questions…did you do anything to them to prep before the paint? Normally I would think you would have to sand them etc. How did you finish them? Polyurethane? Wax?

    Thank you, Paula

    • Thanks Paula, the beauty of painting with a chalk based paint is that you don’t have to sand. As I said in the post, I cleaned the chairs and painted. As a top coat I used the Maison Blanche Vintage furniture wax. The look just like they did the day that I painted them.
      Please visit the blog often and thank you for your comment!

  9. Oh My Goodness!! You did a beautiful job! I love your dining set! I can’t wait to see how you did the china cabinet as well. I would love it if you would join me for Making Broken Beautiful (furniture makeover party) on Thursdays each week over at my site. You do lovely work and you have an awesome blog!

  10. Hey!! Love your dining room! I have a similar table and am wanting to paint it as well. How much paint did you use for the chairs? Also, did you paint the table as well, and if so, did you use chalk paint for it as well? Thanks!

  11. Debbie… these chairs look fantastic and what an easy tutorial. I do however have 2 questions for you:
    a) did you sand/strip the chairs first?
    b) how many coats of paint did you do?

    • Hi Tina,
      I used a chalk based paint, so I did not sand or strip the chairs. I used 2 coats of paint where needed. Chalk based paint dries quick, so after I finished the last chair, I just inspected each chair to see if they needed more paint.
      Thanks for your question,

  12. Debbie, what a great tutorial and the chairs look beautiful!!!! I was wondering 2 things: did you sand and or strip the chairs before painting? How many coats of paint did you do with the sprayer? I really want to paint my kitchen chairs, but cannot seem to find a definitive answer as to wheter or not they should be sanded/stripped first. What is your recommendation – keeping in mind that we have a dog and 3 little boys that are super active, so chairs will be used frequently!

  13. Hi what inspiration for a beginner like me! Can you recommend a sander for small furniture, chairs, bookshelves, etc? I would really appreciate your expertise! Loving your blog!

  14. if you don’t apply wax then what do you cover the paint with?

  15. I love the chairs! Do you remember where you bought them? What brand they are? I would love to get some just like them….thanks!

  16. Did you sand the edges to get the distressed look or is that just how the paint you chose goes on? I love the look and I’m going to paint my own chairs!

  17. Just love what you did to your chairs!!!! Speaking of your chairs, where o where did you get them. They are the MOST darling chairs I have EVER seen. I hope you will respond.

    • We bought them at a furniture store in Arkansas, they are not antique, so I think you could find similar ones in the big box furniture stores! Thank you!

  18. How many cans of the Madison Blanche paint and wax are needed for the six dining room chairs?

    I have ordered the sprayer and am ready to spray my chairs!

  19. Hi Debbie, I know this blog post was from last year, but I hope you will see this note, and offer some advice. First of all I LOVE how your project turned out! Fantastic job… it’s really beautiful! In your post you mentioned the paint color used from Maison Blanche as “Cobblestone”. I’ve not used their paint before but am considering trying it out, along with the paint sprayer you used. When I looked up the paints, the on-line swatch of Cobblestone looks really gray on my computer screen, but in your photos of the project the chairs look to be a shade of white. Is that the photography? Are the chairs really a gray color? I would like to paint my bathroom vanity in a white color (but not too white), do you have a suggestion for me as to a shade to choose? They offer so many “white-like” options. Thanks so much for your help and advice. Warmly, Carolyn from CT

    • I used a white chalk lime wax over the chairs, cobblestone without the lime wax is a beige-gray. Cobblestone would be too dark for what you’re looking for. I would suggest Oyster as a “not too white” color for you project. Good luck!

  20. Hi Debbie!
    Love this post. 2 questions! Did you not have to sand the chairs before hand? If not that is awesome news for me. Also, if I don’t want the distressed look, do I just go on to the seal coat? And, will it stay not distressed if I do it that way? I guess that’s a total of 3 questions;)

    • Thank Kayla for your questions! I used a chalk based paint, one of the great things about using it, is that you don’t have to sand. I just made sure they were clean. You have to seal the paint whether you distress or not. I used a wax to seal mine.

  21. I love this look. Where did you find your rug?

  22. Hi Debbie! I am over from Doreen’s to see how you used a paint sprayer. I didn’t know that you could use chalk paint in one. Is the piece that you are wet sanding also chalk painted or will that technique work with any paint?

  23. Hi! Would this same process be successful if I were to paint cream colored chairs with black chalk paint? How durable is this finish once it’s completed? Great tutorial, thanks!

  24. I apologize if you have answered this before…Can you also wet sand any brand of chalk paint?
    Thank you~ Your dining room set looks beautiful!

  25. On a dining table would wax over the newly stained table or polyurethane? And on the painted legs wax or polyurethane? Im trying to antique the legs and chairs do I have to have a under color or can I paint sand soft wax and clear coat?

  26. Hi Debbie,
    These chairs are gorgeous! I have had a similar project takin up my garage for months and my husband is not pleased. I was wondering how many cans of pain you needed? I’m planning on painting 6 chairs and the pedestal base of a table( I’m staining the top) and also did you seal the chairs? Or is it ok with this paint not to? Thanks 🙂

  27. looks great! so glad I stumbled upon this on Pinterest…these are my exact dining chairs, and I’ve wondered what they’d look like painted!

  28. I wonder about using stain in a sprayer? I would like to restain my chairs & love the idea of being able to use a spray gun. Do you have any thoughts or did your machine say anything about stain?

  29. Love the look. Did you have to sand the chairs first to remove the glossy stuff? Also, does chalk paint hold up well? I’ve only ever used Benjamin Moore or Behr, so I’m not familiar with chalk paint. I am planning on doing the same for some maple kitchen chairs. Thanks.

  30. Hey! Where did you purchase the paint from? And what color is the table? Great job!

  31. This is exactly what I want to do with my chairs!! I am looking to buy the paint online. The website depicts the cobblestone color to be very grey…would you say your chairs are grey? Based on your pictures, I would say they look more like the ivory color (which is the color I am going for). Just trying to decide which color is most accurate on my computer. 🙂

  32. Beautiful! ! Do you think I could do this to my kitchen table also?

  33. My first time to your site, Love the Chairs! Just yesterday I bought 4 oak chairs off CL that are 149 years old, hubby was not pleased, lol. Anyway I was wondering what you did to prep your chairs for painting. Also thanks for the tip on a good paint sprayer, he has wanted one to paint all the doors, etc in our home and I was overwhelmed with all the choices, and the bad reviews. Your dining room is fabulous, beautiful and classy. Love it and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your great blog!

    • Thanks Teri, I used a chalk based paint and followed the directions. Sprayers can be tricky, with consistency, etc. just practice a little with it and you will be fine!

  34. I noticed that you answer questions even when the answer is already posted. How very kind of you.
    We Southerners are just that way! 🙂

  35. Hi Debbie, I love your chairs!! I have a dining room set with a metal design on the back of the chairs. Can I get good results with the same technique? Will I need a primer or do anything different?

    • Hi Lorie,

      Your results depend on the paint that you use. You can use chalk-based paints on metal, if it’s really shiny, you may want to lightly sand first (be sure to wear safety gear when sanding) and clean well. Follow the directions for the paint that you choose, it will usually say whether it’s made for metal or not or if you need a primer. If this is your first paint makeover, you may want to practice on another piece first.

      I hope this helps,

  36. Just saw this on Pinterest, and I’ve been putting off painting my chairs and table…well, I just ordered this sprayer and finally will be able to do this project! Thank you so much! This will be so much cheaper than replacing this set, that I’ve come to dislike so much! Also have another piece that I bought to store some of my crafty items that has lots of cubbies on them and was dreading painting this…but not now!

  37. I have never wet sanded before and gave it a try tonight as it’s raining on and off and we’re garageless… Well it’s a game changer!! Thanks for the little tutorial!

  38. I just bought a brand new paint sprayer at a garage sale for $5! I can’t wait to use it! This has inspired me to use it soon! Also I have never wet sanded, I’ll need to give it a try! Thanks 🙂

  39. Why on earth did I not think of this before beginning to hand paint all 4 chairs and a bench on my farmhouse table?!

  40. Debbie, I saw this on Pinterest and I didn’t realize it was you! I have been looking at my dark dining room set for months trying to decide whether to paint it. It was the hand painting that I didn’t really want to do-so spraying it-seems super easy and a day’s project instead of a week. I’ll let you know how it turns out! Thanks for sharing!

  41. Thanks for this information! Stupid question – did you sand your chairs first?

    • It’s a great question Lisa, I used Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture paint and you don’t have to sand, usually when you use it! Thanks,

  42. I LOVE this! I can’t wait to give it a try in my new house. From a fellow Georgian, I can say your accent is great. Please tell me your chairs aren’t a “one of a kind/thrift store score/hand me down” because I adore them! Where did you find them?

    • Nicole,
      We bought them at a furniture store in Arkansas, they are not antique, so I think you could find similar ones in the big box furniture stores! Thank you!

  43. What great information. The chairs look great. Did you sand your chairs before painting?

  44. Hi! I love, love, LOVE The way your dining chairs came out! Imagine my surprise when I realized MY dining that were passed down from my husband aunt and one-legged uncle (yep! It’s true!) are almost the exact set as yours! Mine have the fleu-de-leis back but not the detail on top. You originally caught my eye because I have been wanting to paint My dining room chairs. I was so excited to find some guidance on how to paint them! By the way, you and I have very similar dining room chandeliers as well! My was refreshed from an $7.00 buy!! Thanks!!

  45. Just wondering if you prepped the chairs to be painted before you painted ie.: sand, strip, etc?

  46. You did a wonderful job! Are the chairs antique? i love the detail on them.

  47. These came out so great, Debbie!! I haven’t tried the Maison Blanche paint, but this color looks beautiful!

  48. What kind of paint did you use? I’m curious because I’m just learning about chalk paint and wondered if anyone had managed to use it with a paint sprayer.

  49. I love the new look, Debbie! Great job! I also loved hearing your voice on the video. So smart to wet sand so it doesn’t get everywhere. Happy Mother’s Day! Pinning this beautiful dining set!

  50. They look fantastic! I hate painting chairs and this is such a great idea to make it as easy as possible. Have to look into that sprayer!
    Xo Heidi

  51. Your chairs are so elegant! You painted and distressed them so artfully. I have been to many a boutique and seen chairs not even close to this beautiful going for big bucks. I have an old, beat, round pedestal table w/ chairs similar to yours in my storage room. They’ve been there for years. I’ve always feared I wouldn’t be able to use a paint sprayer, so they have sat there…undone. You’ve given me reason to entertain the notion of dragging that set out and giving it a go. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

  52. Love the accent ;-). Charming and calming.

    Love the chairs too!

    Have never been to the southern states; sweet accent

    Wendy – Canadian

  53. You did a great job. Everything looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  54. Hi Debbie, Beautiful transformation and I love the new look! I’ve been looking at sprayers for my cabinets so I will check this one out.

  55. Hi Debbie, it’s been a while since I’ve come by for a blog visit…………love the chairs can’t wait to see the new fabric.

  56. These are gorgeous Debbie! Chairs are the hardest to paint but that sprayer really helps! Love how the room looks. ~Sonya

  57. They turned out fabulously! Love the new fresh look!

  58. Oh Debbie, they look wonderful!! I love them… I will have to break out my sprayer again and finally conquer my own dining chairs as well…

  59. I love it! So beautiful Debbie…and that is the way to paint chairs!!
    So fun to get to hear your voice! 🙂 You sound just like my family who I adore (my Mom’s side in NC). We don’t have quite as much of an accent here in VA although my “up north” relatives sure think we do!! lol 😉
    I can’t wait to meet ya at Haven!


  60. Look great Debbie!

  61. An interpreter!! My favorite part of the post.
    After the chairs.
    And the peek at the china cabinet 😉

  62. I always wanted to use a paint sprayer. Maybe I’ll try it sometime. Great job, Debbie! Love the current fabric seats.

  63. Oh my gosh Debbie you’re dining room chairs look awesome! And you’re Southern accent is sweet. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

  64. Wowza! They look amazing!!!! I really need to get a sprayer. And soon! Can’t wait to see the fabric. Did I spot something green and polka dot on FB recently …

    🙂 Linda

    • Sprayers are awesome Linda! The green polka dots was something else 😉

      • Gorgeous!! Do you ‘have’ to use a sprayer or would it be OK to simply spray from the can? I have a long dresser and 2 nightstands (with 3 drawers each) that have been beaten up pretty badly in the process of moving 5 times in 5 years. They’re Broyhill pine with some dents, scratches and even a few missing chunks at the bottom. Thanks so much.

        • Thanks Heather, no you don’t have to use a sprayer. In my situation with so many chairs to paint, this was faster and easier. I have used cans of spray for many projects but I’ve never painted a dresser/nightstand with it. I always believe that I can do anything so I would definitely try it! That being said, you will won’t to do several coats to get great coverage! Please share the finished pieces on our Facebook page!

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