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Spray Paint Anything

I was outside spray painting the other day and realized I’m coming up on my 1 year anniversary. My love and I have been transforming furniture for almost a year.

I had read about, heard about and seen lots of projects that were painted with the HomeRight Finish Max. So I decided to order one from Amazon, you see I don’t believe anything unless I see it for myself! Of course for my first project I picked the hardest one of my life! On a Sunday afternoon, I drug all my dining chairs out in to the yard, all six of them!

Dining Chairs Spray Painting Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs DIY-How to spray paint!


Spray Paint Anything

Homeright Finish Max

I bet you thought I was talking about my husband!

Nope, I was talking about my HomeRight Finish Max. I have used the same sprayer for almost a year! (my affiliate link)

Foam Disk for HomeRight Finish Max

I only had one little problem in the year that I’ve been using it. I filled my cup up with paint, just like I always do, but nothing came out when I tried to paint!

The air holes were clogged with paint.


And you what know what that’s been resolved!

See that little disk up there, it’s a problem solver for sure! See all the details on maintaining your finish max here: Maintaing your finish max 🙂 and guys this is less than $1!

And then you know when you need an inclosed area, because the wind is blowing or your painting in your garage:

Spray Shelter to the rescue!

HomeRight Spray Shelter


Super fast clean-up with the Rapid Clean Tool and you’re finishing your project ever fast! I mean it’s really not finished until everything is clean and put away! You just hook it up to your water hose or laundry sink!

Finish Max RapidClean


Now let’s talk about wicker, one of the hardest things to paint…

sure you can paint it with a brush, but does it really look good. I mean the paint builds up in spots and you don’t notice until it dries. That’s the reason I reach for my love!

How to spray paint wicker - HomeRight Finish Max #homeright #finishmax #spraypaint #ad

How to spray paint wicker with HomeRight


Or my latest wicker project:

Refreshing greens the deck - spray painting wicker with HomeRight Finish Max

I hope you will be encouraged to spray paint something that you’ve grown tired of or some special thrifty find!

The Easiest Way to Paint
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  1. I love your dining room chairs and wicker. . I have a huge project in my near future. My daughter is moving to a new house, and my granddaughters are looking forward to their new bedrooms. . I’ve purchased twin beds, a double bed, 3 dressers and nightstands. They all have to be painted. They can’t wait for their new bedrooms to have furniture that “Kiki” painted. My daughter is also so excited! A sprayer would make the furniture look so beautiful.

  2. What color is the paint on the chairs? I’m having a hard time picking a cream color that’s not so white.

  3. Would so love to paint my oak dinning set! How did you talk your husband into it.
    Men love wood natural .

  4. I would love to win the paint sprayer as it would actually make painting all my interior doors along with 8 chairs fun in less time.

  5. The first thing I”d paint: my front door and shutters.

  6. Can think of many projects that I would love to use this sprayer for! Thanks for the opportunity. 21

  7. I would first let my sister borrow it to paint a somewhat mis-matched wicker bedroom set that she has amassed for her granddaughter. She would like to paint it the palest of pinks. I think it will be gorgeous! Then I would politely ask for it back and go to town on some projects of my own.

  8. I have many projects I could use this on super amazing prize package love your project turned out amazing ..

  9. Shannon Longfellow

    i have been asking my husband for this sprayer since I first saw it on your postings. You have given me so many ideas and I love checking you out on FB every day. I am current working on a whole house remodel of a place for my brother who moved back home after going into renal failure. There is a lot of painting to be done inside and out, as well as many cabinet projects, where the sprayer would really help us out. Thanks again for showing us lol your DIY projects. If I end up winning the sprayer, I will definitely send before and after photos. Have a great day!

  10. If I win I have 2 small ladders & 2 tall ladders I would paint.thanks so much!

  11. Carleen Malinowski

    Why of course my dining room chairs..Black!

  12. If I win this sprayer I would paint my porch swing and my deck chairs.

  13. I would start with some side tables …TY

  14. We’re buying a second home for weekdays so that our grandson can go to a private school. We’ll be furnishing it using thrift stores and Craigslist so there is a lot of painting in our future!

  15. The first thing I would paint is my son’s new upcycled bed. We also need to paint our new fence and back stoop this summer.

  16. melissa gustafson

    Everything!!! We need to paint our kitchen cabinets, the exterior of the house, and all the furniture I have acquired for the purpose of repainting and selling. I have tons of picture frames to paint as well…wow…now I really need to get one of these awesome painters. 🙂

  17. I really want to paint some end tables that I have.

  18. I really need this! I have several items waiting to be painted but the last one I did required 5 cans of spray paint and my fingers were weak for a week!

  19. i would paint my end table

  20. Hi Debbie, I love the transformation of your dining chairs. This sprayer would sure come in handy for painting our kitchen cabinets.

  21. Ellen Braunberger

    Patio furniture!

  22. Peggy McAllister

    Your chairs turned out beautiful!!! The paint sprayer looks like it does save
    lots of time, gotta have one of these. If only they could make something they
    does the waxing for us. 🙂

  23. i would paint my 4 dining room chairs that need help!

  24. I love watching your redos you do very nice work and it gives me inspiration I enjoy your blog checking in to see what you’re working on next

  25. I would love to win this sprayer have several projects that are ready for painting and this would make it go so much faster!!! Window shutters, a dry sink converted into a bar and several small items. Would make life easier for all my projects.

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