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How to Spray Paint Wicker

I’ve had this chair in the corner of the master bedroom, it’s been in hiding.

I loved it when I first bought it 10 years ago, but my taste changed and so did my wall colors.  I went from the warm reds and golds to cool grays. This chair just hung out in the dark corner until I had a brilliant idea.

But first:  How to Spray Paint Wicker

How to spray paint wicker - easy update for thrifty furniture finds

My 6  dining chairs were so easy to spray paint (see them here) with the HomeRight Finish Max, I thought how about this chair!

How to spray paint wicker - easy update for thrifty furniture finds

So I drug the brown beauty out to the back yard and got busy.

How to spray paint wicker - easy update for thrifty furniture findsI used the same paint that I painted my dining chairs with.  It’s a chalk-based paint that needs very little prep. All I did was dust/vacuum the chair.

I strained the paint, because it was dry around the top of the can and I didn’t want to clog up my sprayer.

How to spray paint wicker - easy update for thrifty furniture finds

Follow the directions with the sprayer for thinning, I live on the edge, I just eye balled mine.  After you use the sprayer a couple times, you can judge the consistency.

How to spray paint wicker - easy update for thrifty furniture finds

How to spray paint wicker - easy update for thrifty furniture finds

After I applied 2 coats of paint, I let it dry for 24 hours and used the HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer (affiliate link)
to apply a water-based top coat.

One think that I haven’t mentioned is, this awesome sprayer is so easy to clean! I’m lazy and I would not be using it if it took a long time to clean!

Just think about it, you can paint it any color you want!

How to spray paint wicker - easy update for thrifty furniture finds

Murphy is so impressed with my skills, she/we love the new look!

How to spray paint wicker - easy update for thrifty furniture finds

I definitely won’t be putting this baby in the corner of a dark bedroom again 😉

How to spray paint wicker - easy update for thrifty furniture finds I walked in the kitchen door and looked at the bar, sitting right there might be my next project…4 brown wicker bar stools 😉

How to spray paint wicker - easy update for thrifty furniture finds




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  1. Hi, I live in New Zealand and we can’t get the brand of paint that you have used, would it be an acrylic water based paint or an enamel ?
    The chair looks great 🙂

  2. what a great transformation! looks amazing!

  3. Thanks for the giveaway! Having a sprayer would make life so easy! I would want to paint our kitchen cabinets 🙂

  4. My great grandmother’s vintage metal glider is rusting in my backyard. I would love to give it new life with the HomeRight Finish Max!

  5. I would start with some bookcases that need a facelift, and then graduate up to the kitchen cabinets I’ve been wanting to paint for a few years!

  6. Jennifer Reynolds

    I would finally paint my doors.

  7. My husband and I just painted an entertainment center turning it into a dress up station for a little girl. It took 6 cans on spray paint and now sour fingers. It would have been great to have the Homeright Finish Sprayer instead. I would LOVE to have it for all our upcoming projects.

  8. It looks amazing, Debbie!! So fresh and pretty. I can think of about a thousand things I’d like to paint with that thing…the first being all of my interior doors!

  9. I have some outdoor furniture cushions I would love to try and paint. I saw another blogger had done that and it sure is a lot more affordable than buying new ones. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  10. I’ve got an old chair I’d like to paint myself – your chair is beautiful!

  11. This turned out great!! Cannot wait to try that paint sprayer from HomeRight!! (PS: I love the pic where the “before” looks like it’s floating – LOL). You and Murphy did a GREAT job and thanks for the giveaway!!

  12. I would paint my daughters bed…she works so hard in school and work. I haven’t had the energy to paint anything….but if I had this, it seems like it would be easy for me to paint her bed and do something nice for her to make her smile. Help give her a place to rest at night from her long days. Thank you for the opportunity. God Bless you.

  13. Would love to paint several things to upcycle! This thing looks awesome.

  14. I would love to paint my dining room chairs and possibly the table itself!!!

  15. Looks great Debbie!! No more hiding for that chair!! 😉
    Would love to win!


  16. You made painting wicker look so easy, I think I would start off painting an old wicker table and chair set.

  17. I would paint a wicker rocking chair that I’ve had for years. Love how your chair turned out!!

  18. Turned out great! I could sure use one!!! ~Christy

  19. Oh my goodness, what wouldn’t I paint with a sprayer? Slat bifold doors, and slatted shutters would be my first projects of many!

  20. I would spray a few pieces of furniture and possibly my kitchen cabinets.

  21. I have a wicker table I would love to paint. You make it look so easy 🙂

  22. I have so many projects I’d like to do, but I think first on my list would be my kitchen cabinets!

  23. I have 4 wicker chairs & a matching wicker bench, outdoor set, that I would LOVE to try this on! Yours looks great.

  24. What a fabulous tutorial! I totally have some wicker furniture to be painted. If I won though, I would totally paint EVERYTHING!!

  25. Would love to win this! Have a lot of projects I could use it for. Thanks!

  26. Your chair turned out great!

  27. I have 4 Adirondack outdoor chairs that desperately need painting. Would be a lot easier with a spray painter! 🙂

  28. What an awesome job on the wicker, I have a wicker settee that I tried painting with spray cans…what a mess, it was brown then I had to prime it with about 8 cans and then 8 more cans of green spray paint….I still didn’t get it all done so it’s got bits of brown, green and white lol….This would have been so much easier. If I won I would finish my wicker settee.

  29. I would paint my old porch wicker!

  30. I love to paint furniture – if I won there are so many projects I would love to try the HomeRight sprayer on – especially some chairs and a coffee table in my garage with a ton of spindles 🙂

  31. I have a wicker set that I need to spray paint and we were just talking about how we need a sprayer! Love the white chair! I was going to paint mine dark brown but now that I’ve seen yours I might go with white! My set is a pale tan color. Needs to be brought back to life!

  32. Looks amazing – and so easy! I would paint a chest that’s been sitting in my garage for over a year! Thanks!

  33. I actually have some wicker cubes I need to spray!!

  34. I would love to have the srayer I have ruined so many things using sray paint please help me has Im a hard worker and would get alot of use out of your srayer THANKS Jacque

  35. This looks great! I am looking for a sprayer that’s easy to use and clean. I would spray paint wicker, my fence, some shutters, shoot – practically everything if it works well!

  36. Since paint is cheap, I want to buy inexpensive furniture and paint it to furnish the house my kids are living in while in college

  37. I want to paint my kitchen cabinets.

  38. i have some new white cabinets for my crafting room i am making so this would be great to paint them for the beach theme i would like to try

  39. So much to paint…so little time! 🙂 I have several things on my balcony that need refreshing plus 2 tables inside and a buffet.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! Your chair looks wonderful and I love the cushion too.


  40. Ugly file cabinets for starters….


  42. Debbie, the furniture looks so good in the new color. That sprayer makes it looks so fast and easy too!!

  43. We recently purchased a small bungalow for a second family get together home. It hasn’t been touched since the 1950’s and vacant for 10 years so there is much to do inside and out. Would love to win this to help in restoring the home and purchasing thrift store finds to furnish the house and yard. Thank you!

  44. We have a children’s table and chair set that is desperate need of a paint job so that would be first. Thanks.

  45. I’m looking around and finding lots of paintable projects. I’d love a paint sprayer. And if this one is easy to clean, I think it will be the right one.

  46. This is my favorite sprayer, next to their FinishMax Pro. So easy to use and clean! I love how your chair turned out, Debbie!

  47. This is an amazing transformation, gives the chair a fresh look.

    Laura Clark

  48. Awesome giveaway!!! I could absolutely use a paint sprayer!!! And I just adore how your chair turned out!

    🙂 Linda

  49. If I won, I would paint a shelf and shutters.

  50. If I win, I’ll be painting all my missmatched patio furniture! 7 chairs (1 wicker) and 4 table. It’s a project i’ve been avoiding considering how many pieces I need to paint.

  51. Gosh- I have so many things to paint! End tables, for one. That would be lovely to do so maybe our master bedroom can finally be finished! 🙂

  52. A table I have been putting off because I have to be in the mood!!

  53. I am doing this today…a very timely post! Thank you!

  54. wow! Your chair looks great! 🙂

    great job Debbie.


  55. I’ve seen this sprayer on several blogs…..everyone loves it…Would love to have one!

  56. Advancing age brings arthritis, but that does not diminish to the urge to paint.stuff….BIG stuff! There is a lovely sleigh bed I picked up at auction waiting patiently for a paint job and a new home in granddaughter’s room. A good, easy to use paint sprayer would make that happen.

  57. What a great giveaway! I recently spray painted my wicker table and chairs and metal tables and chairs. A sprayer like this would have made it so much easier than buying a gazillion cans of spray paint. Many of which had bum nozzles so many trips to the store had to be made! If I win the first thing I’ll spray are 2 wicker rocking chairs. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  58. Catherine Edmonds

    I’ve got the paint all ready and waiting to paint my son’s “big boy bed!” This sprayer would definitely get me motivated to finish that project!

  59. I have the same chairs. When I saw how updated they look in the white I realized it is time to paint them. I have alreaďy bought fabric for the cushions but did not look forward to using spray cans. I would love to get the Home Right sprayer.

  60. I would paint the shutters on the front of my house. The inside of my garage. I also want to paint the fence around my pool! If I win, maybe I could accomplish all of these DIY projects in ONE day!

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