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Poinsettia Front Door

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I bought two poinsettias from Walmart last week.  Then I came up with the idea of using them at the front door, so I went back for two more.  I was pleasantly surprised to find them for 50% off, I got four.  Now I have a total of six 🙂

Right Side of entrance.

Left Side

I’m glad all my plants have filled in.  The green looks so good with the red and I don’t mind those purple mums.

The Door

Same green as the sweet potato vines.

While I was at Ikea in Atlanta, I only got one of these…mistake…big mistake.

I was planning on using it as a centerpiece.  But when I sat it out here, I couldn’t bring it back inside.  It just pops here beside the greenery…I’m ok with it being asymmetrical.

It doesn’t look bad (I keep telling myself).  I wish that I lived closer to Ikea, I wouldn’t have to talk myself into this.  What do you think?

I love these plants!

Don’t you?

This is one of the reasons that I love red and green for Christmas.

I may put this one at the end of all my posts for December, I have a feeling that I’ll be doing a few more for Christmas.  I hope you don’t mind.  Go get you some poinsettias!

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    18 thoughts on “Poinsettia Front Door”

    1. Hi, I found you from the features at Kristen’s Creations – love your front porch design with poinsettias, and yes I love the red too! The lantern is awesome, it caught my eye immediately, love it. Thanks for sharing the beauty with us.

    2. Debbie this is truly exquisite! I absolutely love the planter hanging on your door and I agree with what someone said in another comment that it looks like the front of a Christmas Card…or a magazine! So, so beautiful and I’m so, so thrilled you shared it at the Doors and Porches Party! 🙂

    3. Debbie, this is absolutely gorgeous!! It’s like a magazine cover! The colors are just stunning!! Love the red lantern, too! Everything looks so vibrant and festive! Thanks for sharing!

    4. Hi Debbie,

      Wow , love the red!
      Your Poinsettia flowers are just so elegant!!
      I like the lantern too!! I think it looks perfect on the right side, that is where the focus is, the door knob and the door bell. I think your eye would naturally go to the right!!
      It looks so pretty, Yes, I think you should have that last picture as your signature picture this season it looks like a post card….
      All the Best,

    5. Beautiful entryway. Everything is just gorgeous. You must live somewhere very warm to use your poinsettias outside ~ a luxury not us Northerners can’t even imagine. Love the red lantern too.

    6. This is beautiful! I usually like symmetrical also- about the lanterns- but this looks perfect- makes the red lantern stand out! Your plants look so pretty still! I had to bring mine in already! Love your Christmas Entrance!



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