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Pottery Barn Ceramic Bunny Look for Less

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Free makeover, the Pottery Barn ceramic bunny look for less!

Pottery Barn Look for less

When I get a Pottery Barn catalog in the mail, it’s time for a cup of coffee and brainstorming session.  I don’t think they ever come up with anything that I don’t love, well except the price.


I spotted a bunny and knew that I had a container just waiting for some spray paint:

Ceramic BunnyHere she is before her makeover.

Pottery Barn Bunny

What do you think?  $39.50 vs free

Pottery Barn Look a like

These kind of trinkets can be found at Goodwill all the time.  Spray paint people, spray paint!

Pottery Barn BunnyHave you refreshed anything lately?

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    38 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Ceramic Bunny Look for Less”

    1. So doggoned cute and free is best price ever. So smart of you to spray paint that little critter to outshine that fancy high priced bunny. To me is more fun to redo an item any time than spend way too much. Do you enjoy your re-thought items more than your store bought? I love it that I can outfox them.
      Every time our daughter comes over she looks around our house to see what we’ve been redoing cause she knows we’re usually busy working on something or another, then she wants one too.
      Wishing you a wonderful Spring and lovely Easter

    2. Much, MUCH cuter than the Pottery Barn bunny! Darn, and I just gave an old ceramic bunny to Goodwill. It would have been perfect for this! Maybe I can go buy it back . . .

    3. Howcome I am the only one that doesn’t know!? Would you use matte or glossy finish on your bunny? Could you let me know the answer pease? Thanks!!!


    4. I have a bunny almost exactly yours before you painted it white. Mine is from Harry and David, which I got years ago. I was just thinking yesterday I was bore with it and now I know exactly what I am going t do. Spray paint it ! Thanks for the inspiration.

    5. Cuteness! Better than the PB version!
      I’ve spray painted but had trouble with the paint bubbling on a shiny surface. Any tips?

    6. Ooooo, I love bunnies and this one is just charming (and much nicer than PB’s!) Your comment, “Spray paint, people, spray paint!” made me laugh … I can no longer look at home décor items without thinking, “Hmmm … I could spray paint that …” Thank you for posting such wonderful things on your blog; I just love it! Happy Spring! 🙂

        • Well, I just finished spraying a tulip shaped ceiling fan bulb cover and a clear dollar store plate with a second coat of frosting spray, and I’m going to use them to make a cake stand to display seasonal décor items. And I have a few terra cotta flower pots that I want to spruce up for spring. And by the time I finish doing those, I’m sure I’ll have a dozen other items lined up to be re-beautified. 🙂


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