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Pottery Barn, Salsa, Goodwill,

(Debbie at Debbie’s Blogging and Blabbing is having another copy cat party, click over and join her site, so you’ll know when the party starts.)

Update: Debbie Crowed about this!

Sunflowers, Tiles, Cloches this list is long.

Getting the new Pottery Barn catalog made me dance my way back from the mailbox. I could live in every page but one caught my eye.  There are so many ideas on page 22, I hope you’ll stick around and see what I came up with!

It all came together when I saw this at Goodwill.

I had to get it and see if I could hack my new favorite item.

Their page is titled How To Plan The Party, nothing more refreshing than sangria…

and I already had the cloche, I just needed a base.

And Manboy suggested this salsa from Men’s Health.  We chopped and talked…

I used tiles to label the food.  I think you could use chalk, but I used my chalk pen (I love it).

Oh, the flowers!  These were $5.99 at Bi-Lo, they had me at Sunflower!

INSPIRED BY Their page:

I created MY PARTY:

Hope you look at Pottery Barn or whatever your fix is and get inspired to have a party!

A few more pics, I love the way they turned out, enjoy (my $1.99 find, plus fresh veggies and flowers)!

If you’re not as lucky as me, to find the perfect base for my cloche…just click on the Pottery Barn page and it will take you directly to their gorgeouse Blacksmith Sangria Tub & Ladle…it’s a beautiful thing!

Them and me once more:

















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  1. What a great idea to use the cloche in that stand. I’ve found several stands similar to that at my local thrift shops but never thought to use one like that. Thanks!

  2. This is so fab! Awesome hack! The clarity of your photo is nicer than the magazine’s version!

  3. Really beautiful. Wishing I was invited to that party!

  4. Yours is even prettier than Pottery Barn! Love it all!

  5. That side by side shot at the end just goes to show you don’t have to have $$$ to party like a PB rock star 😉 Your table looks SO good I had to do a double take to see which one was the actual PB page! Bravo. Looks gorgeous. I think you nailed it and then some. Hope to do Debbie’s copy cat next month. Just started a blog (yesterday!). So glad I got to pop over here and peek though =)

  6. Hi Debbie,
    LOVE IT! This copycat party is soooo much fun. You did an awesome job…Oooh, and I’m sooo excited because I have a cloche and base just like yours….Yay! I can make my own fancy punch bowl too. Thanks for sharing.

    Your newest follower,

  7. I love your version better. Great job!

  8. It looks great! I love the sangria in that bowl on the stand…awesome copy cat!

  9. Oh, fantastic! You know, I have thought of looking at their tables and copying it but haven’t ever done it. This is so amazingly like it. I love the rich luscious colors! I must have missed my invite to the party.

  10. Wow! It’s all so yummy looking and true to the inspiration!

  11. What a beautiful tablescape! I love how the catalog inspired you to throw a party! What fun! Thanks for sharing.

  12. That is so darn cute……what time is the party!!!

  13. Wow! You nailed it! It is just as gorgeous as the picture from the catalog. So pretty!…Christine

    You did a great copy cat job..love every bit of it and that drink looks to die for.
    Good job.
    Isn’t this just the most fun meme.
    xo bj

  15. This is a beautiful copycat from Potter Barn! Wonderful job.

  16. I definitely like yours better! Looks fantastic! I am so bummed I didn’t get my act together in time to participate in that party…it looked like such a blast!

    evie @ brown paper packages

  17. Oh girl you done good! I love your version, love the salsa and the Sangria looks so refreshing too. You do an amazing job with your photos too. I really appreciate your participation. This is so much fun for me as well! Enjoy the party.

  18. Fabulous. What an wonderful job you did and it’s oh, so colorful. May favorite thing, color. You have to know I’m going to be a new follower here. Doesn’t Deb, just rock. I had so much fun with this one and the last.

  19. I just discovered your blog and I’m in love! Love your Pottery Barn hack….I fell in love with this spread in the catalog (which by the way was my first Pottery Barn experience, yes I live under a rock, lol) I’m so excited to follow and see what you do next.

  20. What a beautiful table arrangement, love the use of the cloche! Visiting from Savvy Southern Style.

    Tami @ A Girls Gotta Nest

  21. Thanks for commenting on my post about gift wrapping. I am now one of your followers. You have great ideas too! Hope you will visit/follow my blog too. Now I need to go make some salsa!

  22. Very impressive. Your table looks better than the catalog!

  23. Debbie what an amazing tablescape you put together! I just love it! And I know what you mean – I thought I was the only one who danced my way back into the house with the new catalog!

  24. Fabulous knockoff! Yours is better as your cost a lot less.

  25. Wow! 🙂 Love it! Thanks for linking up at my party and I am in love with your blog!

  26. Linda@Coastal Charm

    What a beautiful tablescape…everything looks soooooo good!!!


  27. This is genious. Seriously gorgeous! I love how you served the sangrias! and the whole tablescape is great. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to look around your blog!

  28. This is beautiful…I love those fabulous Goodwill finds that start such creative ideas! Thank you for sharing!

  29. You knocked it out of the park AGAIN!! Absolutely fabulous and beautiful! You are one talented gal, my friend! Thank you for sharing it with us at Inspiration Friday, I know it will be a hit at the copy cat challenge!


  30. Your table looks amazing!

  31. That’s amazing! I need to pick my jaw up off the floor. Your table is stunning! I’d love it if you’d come link this up at my Home and Family Friday linky party!


  32. Love your cloche holder! It is perfect!! And nothing better than Sangria and salsa!! Yum

  33. This is amazing! Don’t you just love Goodwill? Who would have thought you could find the perfect item there? It’s great and your table is fabulous! It all looks so yummy!

  34. Oh my gracious! I am so impressed with you right now. That looks amazing and picture perfect! Maybe you should be a food stager. Yours looks every bit as good as the PB version!

    Just read your “About Me”. I’m going to be singing that Pina Colada song all night! I’m here from Somewhat Simple, by the way.

  35. you are good, really, really, good!

  36. I like your tablescape better, too, Debbie! Great job!

  37. Pottery Barn needs to hire you! Excellent job!

  38. That looks great. You did a fantastic job.

  39. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Such a great idea! Found you at Inspiration Friday @ At the Picket Fence

  40. Oh my goodness, definitely magazine worthy, I agree! What a beautiful tablescape, I absolutely love it! Everything looks wonderful and tasty, well done!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. *smile* Love your blog, too! XO ~Liz

  41. Gorgeous! What a great idea for a cloche. Love the flowers!

  42. That spread looks amazing! Definitely magazine worthy! great job! I heart sunflowers too! They just make me so happy!! Definitely giving that salsa a try too!

  43. Oh my I love your table set up. Looks even better than Pottery barn’s. Sooo beautiful1 Love the sunflowers.

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