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Rain Boots Refreshed

Goodwill Rain Boots can now be checked off the list!

I keep this extensive list of treasures that I’m always on the lookout for.

And these have been checked off the list:

Spring Door Decor

I shopped the house for the white tulips, originally bought at Hobby Lobby, I know they were bought at 50%.  Not that my memory is good, but because I never pay full price 😉

Rain Boots on the front door

I ripped the green grassy stuff from an old wreath, as I rarely throw anything away.

Rain Boots Tulips

Before you add any artificial flowers to an arrangement, you need to bend and fluff them to look more natural.  True, we all know they’re fake but giving them a realist look just makes all the difference!

Rain Boots Tulips and boots

 Stick them in the boots and continue shaping until you like the way they look.

Rain Boots and Tulips

Stick the grass in the other boot and you’re almost ready to add a burlap ribbon.  Step back and make any adjustments!

Rain Boots on the door

Are you going to add rain boots to your thrifting list?

Rain Boots on the door

Happy Spring!

Rain Boots on the doorWhat’s on your thrifting list??


Attn:  Atta Girl Says Spring Home Ideas, Debbiedoo’s

City Farmhouse

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  1. New to the site, love the rain boots

  2. Oh My! What an adorable hanging piece for the door and with boots.. so creative. I love your blog…
    so cute.. I discovered your blog through Sisal and sand!.. I’m glad I did very inspiring..

    Its quite a pleasure to have discovered so many amazing things to look at
    Have a wonderful weekend

  3. Love this! It is the perfect alternative to a spring wreath. I am putting together a round up of fresh spring decorating ideas on my blog Lovely Etc. this Wednesday and would love to include your rainboot wreath (with a link back of course).

  4. HI! Love this idea 🙂 Just did a similar project using some boots and flowers that I picked up from Goodwill! Total cost for the whole project — $3!!!! I”ll be posting about it next week.

  5. Came across this at Confessions of a Plate Addict. This is the cutest door décor ever!! Pinned and I’m officially on the hunt for a cute pair of rain boots. 🙂 XO

  6. OH!! That has got to be the cutest idea and I would have never guessed the tulips were fake. So cute. I am pinning this.

  7. I am DEFINITELY adding rain boots to my thrifting list. I never look at the girly kids’ clothes when I’m yard saling or thrifting. But I will now. I’d love to have a pair of those in my size!

    And if you hadn’t told me they were fake, I would have never guess those weren’t real tulips.

    Love, love, love your spring “wreath.” Thanks for sharing.

  8. I am off to pin this it is adorable. I am going to wait till the snow melts hopefully April and then this would be so cute on my door. Just love it!

  9. You are so talented and explain it all so well. You are so good at making those tulips look real! I am sharing this tonight…love ya!

  10. super cute! on my thrifting list? not sure I can fit much more into my hoard!! but that has never stopped me before

  11. I love to use the rain boots for my spring decor. Great reminder to get out the yellow ones that I fill with silk lilacs and pussy willows!

  12. I pinned…. this is soooo adorable!!
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  13. Not only do I like the boots on the door, but I have a duck herding daughter who would love a pair in her size.

  14. Too cute! I love the boots!!!

  15. Great idea! My daughter’s outgrown hers; maybe I’ll just skip the Goodwill step and repurpose them.

  16. Love this! The boots are perfect 🙂

  17. This is just so cute!! I got a peek at them yesterday while I was in your neighborhood.

  18. So cute! Love this idea.

  19. Oh, clever one, that is too cute!

  20. Adorable Debbie. Hmmm… I have the Mr. childhood wellies, they would be adorable in an arrangement. attacks for the inspiration.

  21. Ridiculously CUTE, Debbie! Love this idea — have to keep my eyes peeled for some thrift store rain boots!
    xo Heidi

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