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Mini Garden {Pet Lovers}

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Mini Gardens have been around for a while.  When I saw all the cute miniature items available at Hobby Lobby, I knew it was only a matter of time before I created another mini garden.  (Click here to see the one I did this one for my grandsons.)

Mini GardenAfter checking out all the mini’s I decided on a Pet Lover’s theme.  My mom and my youngest sister are probable two of the biggest pets lovers that I know.  Don’t get me wrong, I love them too, but these two are over the top.  Luckily, I have enough supplies to make two of these 😉

Mini Garden 9I purchased  the accessory mini’s from Hobby Lobby but the rest of the supplies I found at Lowe’s.

The supplies:

1.  Low Moisture Plants, sand, pebbles, mini accessories, plastic saucer (usually used under a flower pot)

2.  Miracle Grow Potting Soil for Cactus, Palm & Citrus

3.  Filled the saucer with soil and played around with placement of the goodies.

4.  Plants and pebbles.

Mini Garden Seperate plantsWhen buying the plants, I was looking for 2 things:  plants that I could separate (buy less) and plants that need very little water.

Mini Garden Sand and PebblesAfter separating and planting the plants, I added sand to the middle.  The middle is where I decided to put the mini water fountain. Gravel around the sand and in between plants.  For the outer edge I used moss.  Now the base is complete, time to add the fun stuff!

Mini Garden FountainThat fountain reminded me of Savannah 🙂  The birdhouse looks like a small cottage and kitty cat searching for the mouse on the swing completes the scene.

Mini Garden GateThe little pup looks just like my sisters rescue fur baby Belle (minus the heavy eyeliner)!  She guards the garden gate.

Mini Garden FountainI positioned the fountain so that it was centered in the view through the gate.  So much fuss for such a little garden!

Mini Garden MushroomOne lonely mushroom, a white picket fence and the perfect plant!  Love this side of the garden!

Mini Garden birdhouseThe cottage sits just outside the fountain.

Mini Garden CatEvery garden needs the purr-fect cat.

Mini Garden Go forth and create your own mini garden!

What would your theme be???

Mini Garden Pet Lovers


Pin it for later so you will be reminded to get busy on one!

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    11 thoughts on “Mini Garden {Pet Lovers}”

    1. This is adorable Debbie!! I love all of the different plants you used! You really made it look like a beautiful little ‘world for pets’!! Pinned and scheduled on fb! ~ Heather

    2. These are so cute. I am right up there with your mom and sis in being a major animal lover. I have 3 rescue pups and 1 rescue kitty. Love them all dearly. Thanks for sharing.


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