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Refreshing Ideas – Raised Garden

Sunshine on my shoulders

and thoughts of a raised garden make me feel so good.


A goal of mine for several years has been to create a raised garden.   I have a spot picked out, it gets plenty of sun and would not be an eye-sore in the back yard.


I would go to Lowe’s and grab all the supplies.

back yard gardeningBackyard Gardening

Old cardboard could be used to kill any grass.

Raised Garden fenceGrit

I could deter small critters with a cute DIY fence.

HerbsDo It Delicious

There will be herbs and tomatoes. I’d check this growing calendar to make sure my timing is right.

Tomato plantGrowing A Greener World

We could build another bench to sit and watch our garden grow…

Bench from a headboard

Do you have any weekend projects planned?   

Raised Garden Ideas





  1. Love the raised bed approach! Curious about how you access the bed with the fence all around it?

  2. We just finished our weekend project – here:

    Thoughts From Crow Cottage

    A simple job but one we never have tried, installing a ceiling light fixture.

    Now those raised bed are looking very good indeed… I’m thinking of deck pots for plants this year.

  3. Hi Debbie! I would love a raised garden and our new home does have room for one.
    I look forward to seeing what you grow.

  4. Best of all I like the bench. Basil is wonderful to have around, enjoy your adventure.

  5. We built one box two years ago and hubby needs to build a couple more. I told him it is time to get going.

  6. We have a raised garden in the side yard–unfortunately the critters are into it on a regular basis.

  7. This has been my goal every year for the past 30 years. But my husband always tries another “method” and needless to say if he would just listen to me and do my bidding a raised bed garden would be in our yard this year. I did pick up seeds……

  8. Oh I need to start one of those too! Thanks for the inspiration!

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