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Sleek & Comfy Outdoor Dining

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Grocery store flowers in Better Homes and Gardens chicken wire candle holder

We’ve been spending more time outside on our covered porch than we have inside. After I brought home this beautiful Better Homes and Gardens Floral Patterned Dinnerware, I noticed how shabby my table looked! I grabbed some dark gray and white paint, this was the result, a refreshed sleek look with bold stripes (I’ll put those details in another post). I am loving it! Creating this sleek striped table was easy and keeping it comfy with pillows and unbreakable melamine gives me piece of mind knowing if something gets dropped on the concrete, it will survive! It’s funny how the addition of something new can start a landslide of projects! Luckily it was a fast fix! 

(This floral dinnerware is in-store only right now.)

Here are a few of my tips:

Better Homes and Gardens dinnerware perfect for entertaining

  • Mixing Patterns – Sleek stripes and cozy florals – perfect for porch dining.

Putting together the table for outdoor dining easy tips

Entertaining outside with melamine and fresh flowers

Stripes and florals make a bold statement perfect for dining outside

  • Dinnerware – Setting the table with these pretty melamine dishes just made the stripes pop. I love this mix of florals and stripes. The Alder stainless steel rose colored gold silverware is from the open stock area at Walmart – where you can grab as many pieces as you need. I thought this color tone would look great with the dinnerware.

Copper tone flatware from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart

Fun spring and summer dinnerware from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart

Bold stripes and beautiful dinnerware perfect for dining

Bold and beautiful dessert service on wood slices from Better Homes and Gardens

  • Dessert Bar – Make it easy on yourself, carve out a dessert bar for self service. I used the Better Homes and Gardens Acacia Chargers to present the cake on. I lined it with butcher paper for easy clean-up. I cut the pieces to fit each wood slice.

Better Homes and Gardens Acaia Wood Bark Charger

If you must sample the cake first then add fruit where it is missing a piece of cake

  • Sample – If you must sample the cake, add fruit, likes it’s spilling out 😉 They will think it was supposed to look like that!

Dessert bar perfect for the ease of an outside dinner party

Farmhouse desserts served on wood slices with flowers in galvanized tub


Farmhouse flowers in a galvanized bucket perfect for any decor

  • Florals – I grabbed a couple of bunches of flowers from the produce department and spread them around. Some on the table in a chicken wire candle holder and bunch in the galvanized metal server (both from Walmart in-store). I wanted every piece of the galvanized section! They had beverage servers, stands, buckets, trays….so much to love!

Better Homes and Gardens Galvanized Farmhouse Look


There are so many choices of Better Homes and Gardens dinnerware, these are a few of my favorites! Be sure to check online and in the store for all there new stuff!

Better Homes and Gardens Dinnerware

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    51 thoughts on “Sleek & Comfy Outdoor Dining”

    1. My favorite item is there rugs that I have bought at Walmart. They are well made and have so many colors to choose from.

    2. I think the piece that I currently want to buy the most so my favorite for the day is the BHG Microsuede Pieced Bedding Comforter Mini Set. I would love to buy it for my toddler’s new big girl bed!

    3. Absolutely love the Alder stainless steel rose colored gold silverware! Will definitely be treating myself to these to adorn my Spring table setting!

    4. Love the Better Homes and Garden rugs, melamine dishes and galvanized items the most. There’s so much to love though! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway. Your outdoor space is awesome!

    5. The galvanized metal server containers are for me. I love the look and i could do so many projects with those. Be it in my home or out on my patio. These would really set a sight off.

    6. I did not realize Wal-mart had such great Melamine plates. I love the colors and patterns. I will be checking them out soon.

    7. Looks like a trip to Walmart is in my future!
      Love love love the striped painted table! What a clever way to refreshrestyle!

    8. I was going to say that the galvanized products were my favorite but I’ve changed my mind to say that I love the melamine dishes. I will be checking them out for sure on my next trip to Walmart.


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