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Spring on my mind,

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Sometimes you just have to create your own springEven if it’s in January.  I looked around the house and came up with a few things to brighten my dining table.  I had recently removed, washed and put away some curtains that I was using in the kitchen.  Most of my curtains, are pieces of fabric that I have hemmed on all four sides…I have been known to use them as table clothes.  Like as in today!  I used the same glass containers, that held fake snow at Christmas.  They are made by gluing one of the $1 vases from Dollar Tree to a Goodwill glass candlestick.  It’s the most versatile $1.50 investment that I’ve ever made.  I use the E6000 glue, but you could use hot glue or most any other clear glue that you have on hand.  You can fill them with anything and they look great.  I think I’ll add the red  hots (heart shaped) for Valentines Day!  White candles were bought at the after Christmas sale, you can use white candles all year long.  These gloomy days are looking a little more refreshing already.

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