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The Dresser, from Frumpy to Fabulous

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I used two coats of Annie Sloan Old White Paint, and clear MinWax Finishing Paste to seal.  I simple removed the handles, wiped the piece down and started painting.  My original thought was to distress her, but after I finished, I really liked the solid look.  There are some visible brush strokes, and they reminded me of a linen texture.  I really like that, Mr. reFresh said, you can always sand later…he’s smart like that.  The handles were spray painted with Valspar Mediterranean Blue.  She’s so pretty.

She really loves the camera

Hope you love her too!  





    19 thoughts on “The Dresser, from Frumpy to Fabulous”

    1. It’s good that she spoke, and you listened. Not every piece need to be distressed. She is a beauty and I love her jewelry!! Another stunner 😉

    2. i recently used the same colour on a table. Your dresser is simply beautiful. After a few days, I still wanted it, so I went back and it was gone. Thanks so much for replying.

    3. Debbie,
      I love the dresser! I have the same one that’s done in pink & white. I would love to redo it like you did. One question, did you sand the piece at all. Especially curious about the top. The top is so hard, it’s almost like an enamel, not wood finish. Was yours like that also? I am just scared to ruin the piece. This was my dresser when I was little and now my daughter is using it in her bedroom. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

      • Hi, (I tried to email you but the email address is wrong)
        Thanks for your question. I used the Annie Sloan Chalk paint and it’s formulated to be used on all surfaces. Yes, mine was similar to laminate on the top. I put two coats on everywhere. It is doing fine! In case you haven’t used the paint here’s a link about it:

        Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

        I hope this helps,

        • Thanks so much for replying. I will definitely look into the chalk paint. I’ve been working up the nerve to paint the piece. So I was so happy to find someone who actually attempted this. Maybe I will finally try this. Thanks again. Your dresser is simply beautiful.

    4. This piece is fabulous! The change is dramatic! The before picture reminds me of my 1960s French Provincial bedroom suite! Thank you for sharing this piece and it’s transformation!

    5. I love it! You did a great job. I saw the exact same dresser at a thrift store a few months ago and I wanted to buy it, but didn’t. After a few days, I still wanted it, so I went back and it was gone. Ugh! Don’t you just hate when that happens?


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